Its the continuation from the last video 😀 and its also is my 20th birthday shuffle and its also my 3rd year shuffle! 😀 shuffle starts at 1:22 🙂 enjoy.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

3 Responses to “The Sadness never ends Skrillex Melbourne Shuffle Ep. 2 (3 years shuffling)”

  1. MrMetalwolf08 says:

    just got done with it XD i’ll link you up when i have it!! 😀

  2. LUSMelbourneMatt says:

    thanksss !!! 🙂
    you should shuffle to it

  3. MrMetalwolf08 says:

    pretty good!i might shuffle to Kill everybody in a while but i like how you shuffled to dubstep! XD