The Wollongong Shuffle Story Official Teaser Release Date: August 2010 DESCRIPTION: The Melbourne Shuffle is no longer just a dance, it has become a lifestyle. Originating in Melbourne, the dance has grown a significant mile, spreading globally to people like yourself who can't control their feet to the sound of song with a beat rate of 150. Wollongong is the 3rd largest city in NSW, and it's shuffler population tops close to Melbourne, this is however with no significant survey of any kind, but rest assured, Wollongong is the new Melbourne. This documentary shows no more than what goes on in Wollongong, the shuffling, the community and last but not least, the passion that each and every one of us holds, "where sick of being judged, we do what we do with pride...the world is our dance floor". Thanks to those who participated in the teaser Mikky, Ashton, Krash, Christian, Taylah, Jason, Chris, Scales, Clenton, Muzza, Matthew, Alekz, Ben, Taren, Michelle. extra tags: the wollongong shuffle story official teaser gong movie trailer cinemas new movies video mikky ashton krash christian taylah jason scales clenton muzza stefan daniel russo matthew alekz ben taren michelle matt ivaneza edmund rice college illawarra hard dance south coast style trance electro klowns dna bass nation shuffle shuffler shuffling shufflez ballistics intensity sensations moon boy moonboy raving rave raver glowstick glow stick gabber eshay porn tits chicks how to be popular on youtube lmao fuck i guess ...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Yeah my Second Clip, enjoy XD Sound: 1.Movie Music Name... Actually i dont know XD 2.Tatanka Project-floor massacre 3.showtek vs. donkey rollers 4.showtek Dominate 5.showtek vs. donkey rollers 3:32 min 6.Patrick Jumpen The Secret 7.showtek vs. donkey rollers 9:25 min 8.hardstyle mix 1
Video Rating: 4 / 5

52 Responses to “The Wollongong Shuffle Story Official Teaser”

  1. theshufflinggirl says:

    @lalaMausszi3 ben shuffles haha

  2. theshufflinggirl says:

    @SexiiBitch148 yeeeeep (:

  3. @troydstroy wish i was as cool as you make an account just to comment on this vid old school is shit new style rips allllll over it

  4. SexiiBitch148 says:

    is that christian strazzeri? (:

  5. SexiiBitch148 says:

    @Buffhead1 im from dapto too bro (:

  6. troydstroy says:

    u guys are lame, im from wollongong and was shuffling b4 u stopped wetting the bed……………..that is all

  7. Missmaddski says:

    hahah omg jacks there 🙂
    lol your so small and there so tall

  8. Im from dapto! 😀 , Gong Ftw!!! =]

  9. lalaMausszi3 says:

    WTF’s Ben doing there?

  10. good editing, but it would be better if it was on a subject more worth while watching, shuffling sooo old now. faillllllllllllllll 😀

  11. @tarik567 guys, i’d appreciate it if you stop spamming this video. Where trying to get this video out there not hate on the people involved in it.

  12. @basskraver lol all il say

  13. basskraver says:

    @tarik567 LOL r u serious way to take a joke buddy 1 little thing and u “hate” me bahahaha dead set man get over it id completely forgotten about that but oi fare nuff if it means so much to u im sorry and if u want ill even apologise 2 ur face but man its unhealthy to hold a grudge for so long over somethin so little obviously it means alot to u tho so im sorry

  14. @basskraver keyboard warrior
    oy ash il tell you a story
    when i was in yr 7 this would be 4 years ago so calculate 4 – how ever many years you are you once came to the back of keira high school on a wednesday afternoon i had my bag tied to a pole i then went to get it off and u attempted to tie me up. i got out and pushed u
    you then pushed me into a fence it hurt.. and pretty much from that day on i have always hated you
    but 87 subscribers wow dude your heeps cool
    im a massive keyboard hero

  15. @tarik567 LOLLLLL love it such a keyboard warrior at least im not lame enough to film myself moving my eyebrows im actually doing something that requires skill the best part is you say i fail but my 87 subscribers clearly proves i dont

  16. and every saturday we go the youthie listen to music laugh at that dropkick ash guy and try shuffle but fail
    then go back in town

  17. TECHNOTANK92 says:

    whats the name of the song at the end with the sun and wind and what not

  18. spinachcookie says:

    @pigdog4u ohk makes sense. wat styles do they do in wollogong?

  19. sure is

  20. is that mikky at 0:29 :O

  21. Melbourne is good, but better is wollongong, i wish no live in malaysia so i visit come wollongong sometime

  22. Skyliner192 says:

    Wollongong’s shuffle population shits on every location on the map now spinach, i been there last year and i couldn’t believe it. Every man and his dog do it now

  23. I see where your coming from mate, but a similar story to you explanation is already out “Inspired by the Dance” its called.

    We needed something different, Wollongong has been described as the Melbourne of 2010.

    So rest assured, visit Wollongong one day and you will see

  24. mm yeah its about the Melbourne Shuffle, but there’s already a movie on it how you explain, a short movie anyway.

    if you’ve never been to Wollongong than i wouldn’t bother stating anything until you do, seriously… Wollongong has been around just as long as Melbourne in terms of the **Melbourne Shuffle**.

    This is the movie based on the scene in Wollongong

  25. spinachcookie says:

    @pigdog4u but its about the melbourne shuffle right? get the kids that put the melbourne shuffle on the map

  26. SHUFFLE … deffo … a 2 year old can jump from foot ta foot … shuffles takes practice 🙂

  27. TheAlexphipps says:

    jumpstyle is the jumping form of shuffling, shuffling is the sliding form of jumpstyle, end the war between them by thumbs upping this post 🙂

  28. evanmarland101 says:

    Hardstyle isn’t just for shuffling… Hardjump is a variation of jumpstyle that is for harder music than regular jumpstyle music.. Such as hardstyle *gasp* I don’t see why people have to hate on jumpstyle or shuffling, If someone has skills, you respect it. I like Jumpstyle AND shuffling. Why? Because i’m a mother fucking raver. And i like to keep my options open. Sometimes i feel like jumping sometimes i like to shuffle. Hardstyle forever..

  29. Tuatara1911 says:


  30. The best is shuffle at 1:40 !!

  31. im ok at shufflin but im a bit better at jumpstyle :L

  32. OberstJunior says:

    hadrjump need mother fucker strong legs 🙂

  33. Dezzertrat01 says:

    shuffle is way better i mean if i wanted to learn jumpstyle i would have to go to a gay country club i mean really

  34. DJCJkids1010 says:

    shuffling ALL DA WAY!!

  35. TheMonkey96b says:

    @ShumbiZzZ okay i dont wanna start some stupid fight im just telling my point
    i actually found shuffle a little too easy to learn
    that is why i jump because putting all the moves together makes it awesome and a bit complicated
    oh and yeah HARDSTYLE FOR LIFE!!
    oh and do u happen to have shuffle vids of yourself?

  36. @TheMonkey96b so not true…jumpstyle music belongs to jumpstyle and hardstyle music belongs to shuffle…..shuffle is harder to learn so one more reason for that…BTW HARDSTYLE <3

  37. TheMonkey96b says:

    nah hardstyle fits better with jumpstyle than with shuffle

  38. @TheMonkey96b that’s soooo true

  39. douchebags, if you like shuffle then like hardjump too, cause it’s in the same team noobs, just make fun of tecktonic or something like that

  40. its all great

  41. MegaPrinnyDood says:

    is the first jumstyler patrick jumpen?

  42. hahahha jump.hard style stuff looks so wackkk, kinda like a drunk irish man found his pot of gold

  43. real hardstyle fans like both but i think hardjump is a bit cooler

  44. jumpstylers DANCE TO YOUR OWN MUSIC !!! not to ours – HARDSTYLE…SHUFFLE is THE BEST !

  45. TheMonkey96b says:

    has shuffle ever been watched by a whole stadium?

  46. PeterNorwat says:

    Use 1 hour to learn Jumpstyle, record it and watch it.. – It looks ok, basic but ok..

    Use 1 our to learn Shuffle, record it and watch it… – Long way to go..

  47. 1234512482 says:

    мне болше джамп по душе!

  48. dan13lsUfFeRs says:

    man fk alll the haters JUMPSTYLE HARDSTYLE BITCHESSSSSSS…………. shuffle aint got shit on JUMP GETTIN CRACKIN JUMPERS

  49. chelseafc261 says:

    Jump style FTW

  50. ShuffleonRs says:

    Jumpstyle, hardjump and shuffle are all HARDSTYLE! LOVE THEM ALL!

  51. Sharlene Klein says:

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