This part really means alot to me, thats my street in the video, my primary school, and my local shops! no disco light no facny effects not even a flashy bac...

Erik - Shuffle & Jump.


  1. SmileyCantDance says:

    @northpinesalute in the description.

  2. madmboy1234 says:

    how the f*ck u do that lol

  3. iiMrSquashy says:

    This shit is fucking legit! Keep at it!

  4. 3uq1n1m0d says:

    i love this guy shuffle style….also like those song selection for it…

  5. too much energy right there! swag,

  6. jstone4893 says:

    I dont know if you have one but you should make a tutorial video showing up
    some moves =D

  7. Carlos Contreras says:

    because no man does the robot

  8. DJMLandry says:

    great vid as always

  9. NewcastleRockers says:

    Nice one BRUV!

  10. That is so cooool!

  11. citro atesz says:

    nice vid..;)

  12. Tracks , Edit , Shuffle = Amazing.

  13. sobored303 says:

    why is this considered cool?

  14. Its Art In FUCKING MOTION!

  15. pretty good IMO

  16. nice footage!

  17. Mads Elholm says:

    awesome! Can i get the track list? πŸ˜›

  18. Hardstyle Studio says:

    @Hotsauceman1 cheers bro!

  19. MonsterEnergyNinja says:


  20. etnies tshirt..nice one ^^ i wish i could have any products of etnies

  21. iiMrSquashy says:

    Your description speaks for us dancers as a whole.. We all share a common
    passion, Music <3

  22. sharkyonaleash . says:

    how the hell do you do the hat trick on 05:22 ? you should make some
    tutorials on hat tricks plus great dancing and respect for the descryption

  23. Tyler Ralston says:


  24. MattPresentss says:

    amazing video !!!

  25. lomaniize says:

    Sharp and very attractive style. I enjoyed your selection of tunes too! =)

  26. DJMichii14 says:

    Naa Erik wieder nichts zutun gehabt x’D ;*

  27. JumperD4yLight says:

    nice maaaan:) wo lernt man den so gut shufflen und jumpen? ;D

  28. warum ist er nicht so gut:D?