HSX vs. XTS shuffle in Perth City
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. what’s the name song???

  2. FiorenzoF87 says:

    Someone knows if she has a fan page on facebook or a website or something else like this?

  3. TheBoniol92 says:

    Please name song 0;42

  4. rhcpandsum41 says:

    @plehdo by the style of shufflin that her crew has… i gueeeeess malaysia looks like malaysian shuffle

  5. cssftw100 says:

    you can’t see her real skills when she shuffles on a shit surface like concrete. What she needs is a wooden floor, covered with an adequate amount of lacquer and polish, and lots and lots of BABY POWDER.

  6. IHKJasonakaBladeZ says:

    She’s good, but she looks like she’s stiff when she does it. Doesn’t look relaxed. Meh. STILL FRIGGEN HOOOOTTTT AND AWESOME!

  7. Peronik123 says:

    what’s the name of the song???

  8. mew159753 says:

    Has siera a boyfriend or somthing cuzz when she dont i want to be it xd she rocks x and she hoT x

  9. 6l9mysterio says:

    @PunchAPeach ive got all the steps good and im pretty good at switching between them, i just need to work on my speed and then ill be pretty good, i started last week you??

  10. PunchAPeach says:

    @6l9mysterio haha thx. I’m trying to teach myself how to do it, but I’m still a major noob.

  11. 6l9mysterio says:

    @PunchAPeach nice answer lol, do you shuffle??

  12. PunchAPeach says:

    @6l9mysterio It’s so hot, even SHE can’t keep her hands off of it! XD

  13. 6l9mysterio says:

    in the second video she kept grabbing her ass . . 0_o

  14. ellissan1992 says:

    the best *-*

  15. PunchAPeach says:

    @plehdo Melbourne, bro! 😀

  16. Tanker10813 says:

    Please Marry Me xD!!!
    Very nice Shuffle

  17. omg she doesn’t move her feet while she moving she cheats sooo much

  18. best best shuffler i’ve seeen (L)

  19. rachybaybee555 says:

    fk u have mad skillz

  20. RavingJason says:

    35 girls dislike this with exception of fags

  21. Anlogic44 says:

    When i dance shuffle, after i cant breath good!! its a heavy dance, and more if u smoke!! Goodd dance and Good Girl =)
    From Spain with to shuffle girls

  22. can someone tell me the name of song/music on the 1st scene? ty 🙂

  23. can someone tell me the name of song/music on the 1st scene? ty 🙂

  24. @Rolly102 lol

  25. @mzz26 lol melbourne ohh wow can you be more specific….??

  26. holysoks1 says:

    @logmanlol Good people?

    They could hardly running man properly.


  27. wtfwhoisthat says:

    HSX in general, but XTS’s Haz deserves some respect.

  28. SilentSniper58 says:

    lmao 3:27 – 3:38

  29. logmanlol says:

    hsx had the most good people but xts moo looked very good

  30. BEnzwalkable says:

    I think without wearing your hood looks legit.

  31. NewEraShufflerz says:

    hey people who lik to shuffle or lik to see people shuffle check out our vids u won regret it n remember to add us n subscribe to us

  32. xXdeadXtoXyouXx says:

    what is the song that haz dances to?

  33. oiTzShAdoWo says:

    why do those fags where those gay ass drahon ballz pants

  34. where are you here?

  35. lundbeeeerg says:

    Song 1.55 pls? Tay’s song.

  36. HXS! ftw

  37. djmeister1997 says:

    @metalchild420 haha truee that 😉

  38. HSVshufflecrew says:

    I have the new 2011 Shuffle Battle! Set in NSW, Newcastle, between HSV and STM!!!! Check it out in my channel!

  39. metalchild420 says:

    on every vid besides with the top shufflers that are most well known theres always one side that kicks ass and one side that looks like beginners

  40. HSX shuffled best overal! But Moo migth have been the best shuffler 😉
    Then again the HSX shufflers were all at his level ;P
    So HSX for sure !


  41. antivain360 says:


  42. 101Midnight1 says:


  43. batman4pres says:

    XTS because they were white lol

  44. xXdeadXtoXyouXx says:

    haz totally pones

  45. AttackThis12 says:

    HSA is way better than both!!
    But still give them thumbs up!

  46. TheWaldmensch says:

    XTS because Jezza looks gay

  47. TheWaldmensch says:

    @mrwtf18067 haha i also wonder everytime

  48. mrwtf18067 says:

    Um.. how the fuck do they like glide across the floor >->

  49. lundbeeeerg says:

    HSX all the way for fuck sake.

  50. XTS