Been a while since I made a video Hope you guys like 🙂 Tik Tok remix {HSM} Surge -HDL-
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17 Responses to “Tik Tok (Remix) {Melbourne Shuffle}”

  1. Darkphire25 says:

    @rwar33 Scarlett - Tik Tok (B Tastic Remix).. sorry for the late reply

  2. so ive been listening to this song so many times-.- whats the name of it??

  3. Sweet shuffling man… I’m digging this song!

  4. Nice shufflin’

    Greetings from Chile.

  5. melanoTReX says:

    jst like Sara’s from melbourne shuffle,. XP nice
    plz watch mine too

  6. MrMario9311 says:

    good stuff man :]

  7. Darkphire25 says:

    @UsaShufflerz That’s the song in the video. From tie moe

  8. UsaShufflerz says:

    @Darkphire25 Idk maybe. Tie moe would sound a lot better than b tastic

  9. Darkphire25 says:

    @UsaShufflerz It is actually from one of the hot dance albums.. Tie-moe bootleg mix

  10. UsaShufflerz says:

    OO Wuts the song, without the piano in the remix, Scarlett – Tik Tok (B Tastic Remix)

  11. I like ur t-step 🙂 try to think about more hands movements u know;p and for sure real hardstyle track woul work better for my ears but it’s ur vid and i respect that xd
    greetings from Poland!

  12. ShOrTyShuffler10 says:


  13. nice mix!

  14. great:) good edit tricks ^ ^ very nice xD very good technique:) basically everything is like most high level and give up: D
    P.S I invite you to watch a new joint video Spain & Poland, thanks in advance for your comment – /watch?v=QqfWJ7Qh5PI

  15. @Darkphire25 I’m not against you. You’re smooth and got nice pace. I envy you.

  16. Darkphire25 says:

    @Churrbayy Actually these two crews invited me and i prefer to shuffle to dance. I know what you mean though 

  17. You’re in a hardstyle crew, you should go hardstyle :/