A question i am asked occasionally. I never made a video about it since it's not a very big deal, but seeing as how I've made every other video I can think of, I might as well answer this question πŸ™‚ "When do I put different moves together?"
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25 Responses to “Sequencing Melbourne Shuffle Moves”

  1. JASONKILLERxD says:

    haha math is in everythin D:

    but dis is kewl ^^

    i just do w.e comes 2 mind n i guess it works i never really think bout it but den again i suck xD

  2. lVestigel says:

    basically… if you’re feeling the beat, you’re good to go.

  3. th4tDavedude says:

    I’m gonna “borrow” your moves now (all I know are spin jump, jump slide, running man, and diffirent kinds of slide/side step)

  4. messihardstyler says:

    to everyone here….just live for the music and dont think about wat to do now, and wat to do next….mix alll your knowledge movements at the same time and dance freely =]
    dancing has no rules

  5. zombiematte says:

    This helpt alot thanks.

  6. Shuffle4Lif3 says:

    Shuffling is all about your style, basicly incorporate your own moves when ever you feel like it would go together… simple really just practice practice.

  7. billybongbillyd says:

    if you practice enough all the different moves become natural and you do them all naturally.. there shouldn’t be so much analysis associated with the shuffle, just try to develop your own style and go out at night and enjoy all those hours of practicing.

  8. munkeytron says:

    co you have a tutorial on how to glide/spin?

  9. oh great, so now i dont have just to pratice shuffle, ill also have to study it…
    kkkkk, great vid.

  10. TheTrueSurviros says:

    OMG… O.O
    This helped alot πŸ˜€
    Thank you πŸ˜€

  11. delgado4652 says:

    shufflin looks kinda boring without the running man thrown in there =/

  12. Agreed.

  13. xXAkitokunXx says:

    i thought shufflin all i need to do is feel te music and keep with the beat and add movements by yourself well thts how i shuffle

  14. fredye1000 says:

    sry, “UP” not UO in the beginning. πŸ™‚

  15. fredye1000 says:

    Seems to be, that you are quite along with the music build uo(technical)
    Djing needs that ofcourse. I used to make my own music with programs such as Reason 3, Fl Studio.. should sound familiar?:)
    Anyways, now I am learning Shuffle. And your tut. vids, they are best ones in Ytube i think πŸ˜‰
    Thanks to you i know the basics already!
    Keep up!!

  16. spartanshyne says:

    nice hair keep it like that just shave an keep it like me(w/ a lil stubble.lol)

  17. bice now i know how to put movements toguether hope you`re a lot better and thanks for your tutorials^^ i`ll keep practicing my shufle more andmore^^

  18. Thanks for teaching me how to shuffle. I’ve been going strong for two years now, all thanks to you!

  19. ADAMSKA001 says:

    You had an operation a month ago and you can move that way and still you can rock shuffling! Amazing! Get better master Milan ;D

  20. luquete100 says:

    you made it on my birthday, was my gift, haha πŸ˜›
    thanks a lot again, keep going

  21. i like your m.shuffle . natural and mature

  22. Take care dude…what’s with the operation?

    Thumbs up for the great explaination.

  23. kracemaniac says:

    another great tut from BigM. thanks man, as always.

    Pd… not to be critical, but you kinda look a little old with the new style… but it;s aiight =D

  24. kracemaniac says:

    that’s instinctive. When you’ve had practice, you can throw the rm or the shuffle after the beats =D

  25. danvmp706 says:

    Illustrating the “four on the floor” beat, whilst slowing it right down and “stomping” on the beat seems to really help people get a feel for shuffling smoothly. I think as a more experienced dancer, feeling the structure of the music helps to keep us from being caught halfway through a long spin when the beat stops (=