my top 10 melbourne shuffle songs
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25 Responses to “top 10 best melbourne shuffling music songs hardstyle or no style”

  1. TribalKing917 says:

    @SoSikk999 Amen brah…X]

  2. yoblackops7 says:

    Smf hahaha is the best!

  3. SoSikk999 says:

    By far the best one ever

  4. @Dex4dawin Thought that was only me. You have good taste.

  5. the best style is HARD style even with F***ing

  6. Sick

  7. gamingalltheway says:

    Why r 1 of ur tags cod?

  8. angelica1178 says:

    hahaha Smf should be frist 😛 that what i think! 😉

  9. neongirlgreen says:

    <3 NUMBER 6 ITS tight

  10. xxxN1nJa5k1LZxxx says:

    @Koolkat848 ummm i dont

  11. I like 9 the best

  12. Dex4dawin says:

    i think no. 6 and 2 r the best

  13. darkerzone says:

    go, go power rangers xP

  14. Koolkat848 says:

    @Coma1191 cause boys think girls can’t shuffle

  15. @Koolkat848 why is that funny?

  16. DEVONtheShaymin says:

    no scantraxx roots?

  17. You know the number 1 song in this video, I got it from my cousin ages ago and randomly remembered it today. I thought it was DJ Luna Hardstyle but it’s not and now I can download it again. Thanks mate!!! And lol I just had to wait till number one 🙂

  18. i like like your hardstylee flava

  19. @naruto91707 no way this is good shit

  20. @rangeyourmum111 You’re fucking stupid…

  21. rangeyourmum111 says:

    @Koolkat848 so wats your numbers then;)haha

  22. Karosch1993 says:

    @naruto91707 fuck it! Its from DJ Zany! ;D;D

  23. xXxMrPhatzxXx says:

    fuck oath there jus has to be one person to dislike

  24. @rangeyourmum111 yea but he didnt reply to u… duh

  25. FlairBloodVirus says:

    xD i was rolling over the floor laughing when i heard that powerrangers in the end :’D hahaha