Top (Trance techno/hardstyle) shuffle music ~ 2009

Hey Umm big ask mates, please comment. : ) Hey this is from Kalgoorlie, I 4 sure don't own any of these its just 4 entertainment copyrights to the creators of these fantastic songs.

24 Responses to “Top (Trance techno/hardstyle) shuffle music ~ 2009”

  1. Alexsander11099 says:


  2. sexipanterita says:

    does anybody no wut song is at 2:25??

  3. JustASceneToHate says:

    Who’s still watching it in 1905?

  4. mulakai666 says:

    omg when do ppl stop saying who is watching in 2011/2012 -.- grow up….

  5. plowmanchris69 says:

    That was tight man hope you make it as a dj but please don’t play none of that soft gay ass techno keep ithat bass drumming

  6. rbfmbrs60 says:

    wats the name of dat song

  7. lss0004 says:

    Hey everyone! I know that very few of you will read this comment till the end. For the few that do though, Im a 20 year old from Russia. I have one dream. And that is to be able to entertain people with my music. Fuck all that money bullshit, Nobody deserves to DJ if they just want the money! Anyway please do me a huge favour and thumbs up this comment! All I want is for you to spend two minutes listening to one of my mixes, If you like it sub if not don’t! Please give me a chance at least!

  8. loolloolable says:

    Its Builder – Hardbeat Market

  9. KhaoticGeneration says:

    am i the only one who is listening to this in 2018

  10. omgitzgayguy112 says:

    Who still watching this in 2012?  😉

  11. S3Kglitches says:

    3:07 Dj milsy – ah ahh ahhh!

  12. japonte614 says:

    i find it hard to find people that shuffle as much as i do in MA lol i think i should move to australia

  13. DXgodlab says:

    nope 2012

  14. MsBorntoshuffle says:

    amazing im gonna shuffle to this :DD oh yeah:P

  15. dubsteptessenderlo says:


  16. dubsteptessenderlo says:

    me!!! ghaha

  17. mulakai666 says:

    the video says..

  18. hornyazmzombie says:

    i watch it in 2012! take that 😀

  19. Mrimprov11 says:

    whos still watching in 2012 😉

  20. FTSJonNeedsKush says:

    The one that you didnt know was “thunder in paradise-Beam Cyrus.
    Really good song liked them a lot.

  21. Mr3Javierito says:

    as the theme of the minutes calls 2:15

  22. CottoncandyNickixx says:

    fist puump oh ya!!! lol

  23. sonadow94 says:

    BEAST Remix!!!!

  24. Ijayyxetheshuffler says:

    The song at 3:33 sounds like a song from DJ Mangoo?