Shuffle For Ray 😀 A bit rusty and kinda sick so yea =.=" pretty lifeless shuffle lol Hope you Enjoy it! Song list: Do you wanna balloon - Trance Generators Vampires - Dj Neo Amen(Skitz Mix) - Da Boy Tommy
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Tracey SHUFFLE!”

  1. candymanr2 says:

    I bet you can do the spongebob with ease…..pretty sick shuffling. Just gotta know though……were you taught shuffling, did u learn it yourself or do you have a parent who has super sick dance skills? :DD

  2. Y0OURname says:

    You r fucking awesome!! and i love your style =DD

  3. luvkiller319 says:

    Marry me! 🙂

  4. TheRedX21 says:

    @Nicolae4ever Shut!!!!!!up Shuffle rocks than jump style you could brake something like vases if you hit it by an accident.

  5. Nicolae4ever says:

    Awsomness!!! but we all know that jumpstyle is better! =D

  6. not nice but hela sick xD

  7. nice:p

  8. angelnegroyblanco says:

    i like ^^

  9. D7Double7B says:

    nice location what’s that for a country?^^

  10. plastikpunker says:

    auto im hintergrund sieht geil aus…

  11. iCheerxx says:

    whats the song at 1:20
    btw you shuffle amazinggg.
    check out my shuffling?
    – L e a h .

  12. Fredae14 says:

    @bbyhuniboo than makes pls some videos 🙂 I love you…. you´re realy goood ! Dont stop with shuffle !

  13. TZRaresX says:

    the g35 is no compare with the girl…nice shuffling;)

  14. UNDFTD10 says:

    dopee ass g 35 😀 aha

  15. greivin960 says:

    girl you are very very good linda chica

  16. El1230Santi says:

    hahaha hate her but like the car lol XD

  17. RAWRviviXDD says:

    Tutorial please? (:

  18. RAWRviviXDD says:

    Tutorial please? (:

  19. sekowictor says:

    *.* this good

  20. bigpimpsred says:

    @drawrf5282 boo jumpstyle sucks

  21. SzCzYpA123 says:

    wow 🙂 really quite well

  22. TheNOname713 says:

    very cool 

  23. drawrf5282 says:

    lol ur a fail 0.0. cmon y the shuffeling cmon u shouild jumpstyle. right now im getting payed for doing that and i have a team now ctj for life.still nice shuffle,kind of hot ;).

  24. esmerluvzdik says:

    y3w shuffl3 good:]

  25. grantony14 says:

    1:24 song name plzzzz D:!

    salu2! plz y love that song xD