at a house party located in LA California, just some old school moves..hope you guys will like it
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24 Responses to “Trance Rave Dance 銳舞Candy Walk not Melbourne Shuffle”

  1. john305305 says:

    I want to dance like that! What’s the name of that song?

  2. miguelreye1 says:

    Difficulty level : Asian

  3. siiidewayz says:

    damn i miss the days when all they did was candy walk, now you got these “shufflers” who think they can dance but looks totally foolish like a no dept offbeat running man….

  4. AMlightgears says:

    By far the BEST candy walk seen on video. It would be so awesome if you could do a few video tutorials on advance candy walk moves, much appreciated! 😀

  5. PLURxMonkey says:

    oh damn..just notcied you said a house party in LA haha my bad, definately need to hit up a party together then haha

  6. PLURxMonkey says:

    this has made me the happiest ever today ^^ I love you!!!! haha where do you live? we need to hang out at a party together lol (Cali girl here btw)

  7. horowitz0721 says:

    @sicsempertyrannis7 yuuup! I AGREE!

  8. sicsempertyrannis7 says:

    @horowitz0721 There’s no greater feeling than losing yourself in the music. You can really tell when people have a true passion for music!

  9. horowitz0721 says:

    @sicsempertyrannis7 thanks for the kind comment, that meant a lot for me!!

  10. sicsempertyrannis7 says:

    Awesome dude! Great dancing! Don’t EVER stop!

  11. thexxxyournameherexx says:


  12. @horowitz0721
    Lolz, I think kids now days are ruining the shuffle scene, which is why I stick to the more old school shuffle, and I’m probably the only person in my city that’s more into the older style shuffling. Anyways this vid fuckin rocks!!! Much respect

  13. Hell yea, it’s so sick when I see people dance like this. Everyone and there mother shuffles

  14. horowitz0721 says:

    @mikell909 DO ITTTT BRO!!!!!!

  15. ill post my candywalking and glowsticking pictures soon.. shuffling is taking over, let’s not make that happen!!! haha

  16. TranceAnnunaki says:

    where did you get the white gloves bro?

  17. my neck hurts

  18. Check the bid I just posted on my page. Tell me what yah think =]

  19. Song name :D?

  20. horowitz0721 says:

    @ZipKingOfTheOzone Kyau & Albert – Always a Fool

  21. ZipKingOfTheOzone says:

    smooth my friend 😛 whats the name of the song?

  22. horowitz0721 says:

    @kRumpcLownIn thank you, you should post one too!!! XD

  23. horowitz0721 says:

    @ryankazmori thank you so much!! =D

  24. horowitz0721 says:

    @GoingPro562 hhaaha yuppp that’s the purpose of this video!