kinda rusty but whatevers.

25 Responses to “tripz: EVERYDAY IM SHUFFLING!!.”

  1. ShockingThunder says:

    Will you Marry me?

  2. Ringo7thst says:

    Nothing is better than a hot chick shuffling

  3. TheABLTZ says:

    I don’t normally say this to people..but your lower body is really

  4. 1337rick says:

    now that’s how you fuckin’ shuffle YES!

  5. Hildebrand18711 says:

    You’re hot. Lol. Good shufflin though.

  6. FreezerDust says:

    better than everyone on the LMFAO dance crew!

  7. skywalkier says:

    nice legs and shuffle

  8. type2anonymous says:

    I agree with japjap. But im a guy.. But still you get the pount 😛

  9. littlejapjap says:

    I’m a girl, and I’m straight. But your butt and legs makes me wanna be gay for a bit.

  10. StealYourShow67 says:

    nice 😀

  11. stephenleet says:

    Thats sexy

  12. USMCxFirefly says:

    ADD me. This in my nerd channel

  13. iloveJacobLogan says:


  14. LovelyStephany says:

    @MuhfugginDanMC look up “suck on my big fat”

  15. diiepx3 says:

    @MuhfugginDanMC go look in the comments

  16. PANDAppleJUNKIE says:

    WOOW nice nice xDDD sexy legs also :33

  17. lag6015 says:

    that was sick danceing

  18. omarstuffduhh says:

    Seriously Thumbs Up If yuh Only Saw Her Sexy Legs

  19. SovereignCin3ma says:

    i only watched because of the sexy legs

  20. x808OMGLOL says:

    oh just wanted to know if you wanted to battle or sesh if you live around kapolei what ever cool with you

  21. diiepx3 says:

    LMAO. shuffler.

  22. x808OMGLOL says:

    Not bad

  23. x808OMGLOL says:

    Are you a shuffler or gulider

  24. diiepx3 says:

    Everyday I’m Shuffling [VNSTY 2011 Electro Dutch Mixtape] [HD]

  25. vegeta4facherssj says:

    whats the name of the remix of it?