Practicing Next video for sure to be Dopee.

25 Responses to “Two Step Session”

  1. Migsr Cortes says:

    @MSqdTheFuture Hardstyle is a no like(:

  2. classicohh91 says:


  3. Migsr Cortes says:

    @HDRobot1000 Yeahh I knoww, YOU didnt mean Disrespect! imm talking Too
    everyone who doess ! THanks For your support,Dawgg -Fuckk

  4. MrShuffle3 says:

    What the he’ll is that my lil sister shuffles better them u sorry ass foo’s

  5. Migsr Cortes says:

    @HDRobot1000 ahh You tellem dawqq yeahh this (shitt is oldd AF!). -Before
    you guys start talkinq shit look at the date it was posted! -Thenn look at
    Our Recent Shitt!

  6. a rum r uooh the kid tht wus at valeries censee

  7. @samkrew then ure a fucking electro fag HARDSTYLE FOREVER

  8. JorgePatamkin says:

    what the fuck do u call this? wats up with all this hoping around u guys
    fuckin suck who ever created this style is fuckin lame srry for hating but
    this is just too gay of a style no swagga god wat has raving become these
    dayz -__-

  9. JohnnyDeey says:

    Sick ass foo’s aha yeah did it up fasho 😛

  10. ana santacruz says:

    wats da name ov da song!!

  11. TheGoldenStud96 says:

    That Was SICK!!!

  12. terecita arelly says:

    ‘Rums” glides are fucken cleeeean ^___^

  13. simply wack.

  14. HDRobot1000 says:

    @samkrew Lawl. XD Hey bro. your reading it the wrong way. I didn’t mean any
    disrespect to you guys. I’m just tierd of reading ppls comments saying that
    “You suck”, “My grandma shuffles better than you”, etc. things like that.
    It’s about time that every roker respects one another. right? 😀

  15. Skandalosaspro says:

    Dopppe -Mo5Mo-

  16. TheAssasinSnake says:

    ehh what happened to regular shuffling, two step? still prefer this over

  17. JoseDCintegra Manzo says:

    shitsss alll fckkn wackk even rums idk why yuh quys r sayinqq he saved the
    video. look at my niqqahs DMC ♥ watch?v=qVwCk-CSo4g n look ahtt there rest
    of there vidss.

  18. MrEcko123able says:

    whats the name of the songs


  20. UnitedSlidersCC says:

    @myciel32 u shuffle electro lke hardstyle but slower.. not none of this gay
    sht. -__-

  21. shuffler13100 says:

    wow skids ur good at two step session

  22. dirtydutchismysoul says:

    whats the song at 0:43 plz

  23. Carlos Serna says:

    damn last guy saved the video

  24. ShuFfLe760 says:

    Dope Vidd Propss.. Whats the Name Of the Last Song?

  25. fayyllfayyll says:

    rums is the only one doing it right… the rest of u suck serious asshole