Compilation of the harder dancestyles. Edited by Miljano Jumpstyle DuoJump Starstyle Tekstyle Appelen HardJump Shuffle&Hardstep Softstyle Melbourne Shuffle Melbourne Shuffle Stomping Stampen Hakken/Gabberen Brisbane Stomp Scouter - Ultimate Harder Styles Tracks in order of playing: Refresh - A Step Too Far(DJ Tony Remix) Da Bootleggers - Bitches and Ho's 2B4TH - Never Alone 2(Juno's radio remix) Jenny VS Tine meets Gave - Funky Bitch DJ Coone - Yeah Yeah Robax - System Error (Long Version) Da Hustlerz - Dance Till I Drop Patrick Bunton - Young Birds Brennan Heart Ft Shanokee - Home(Blademasterz Remix) Showtek - Raver Bulldozer Project - Arise(Bulldozer Project & DJ Zany Remmix) Evil Activities & The Viper - Raw to the Floor Tha Playah - Fuck The Titties (The Viper & Tommyknocker Remix)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Ultimate Harder Styles”

  1. PROJECT401RI says:

    i still prefer Bboying.

  2. l3g3ndxjake says:

    jump style is easy it’s doing it with the tricks and moving around is the hard bit lol

  3. matthie2588 says:


  4. qwestman222 says:


  5. ThatHomlessGuy says:


  6. AlterJoghurt says:

    jumpstyle is gay

  7. zaironmovies says:

    ja egt he doe effe normal man stuk schoorum leleke vuulens >.>

  8. destroier634 says:

    lol leerst eerst fatsoenlijk hakke maat voor g showkes ga verkope in hs we lagge i vierkant uit makker

  9. xDaviidLcsx says:


  10. OchrisgroleauO says:

    Omgosh, that girl doing the shuffle and hardstep, I think I’m in love!

  11. eendjekwak1 says:

    stampen looks like a leprechaun is robbed from his money and then after you

  12. 4 yeras back we used to dance jumpstyle in school we put out massive speaker and just dance whas awsome to dance in a circle of 50 people

  13. Hakkuh ->>> really bad!

  14. is stampen easy XD?

  15. RonPaulRepublic says:

    @branloss66 tekstyle is best style so far

  16. calloffdutyglitchers says:

    stampen lol wtf

  17. @missHOLLYcullen… I agree, but only if they have more than a few moves hehe 🙂

  18. That’s not the way we stomp in Sydney, Australia – we got way better moves… but that’s ok 😀

  19. calloffdutyglitchers says:


  20. jumpstyle / hardjumpppp  (N)

  21. DarkSasuke61636 says:

    For jumpstyle you showed hardjump

  22. XxXaimeeXxX100ful says:

    a lads the song iss savage ndd all the yungfellas doin itt fare playy taa yee cuz hlf thee people that lft a commet bitchin bouu it udntt be able ta do if they gt paid .. dis video is savge 🙂 Xx

  23. dancepro67 says:

    lol this is crap, doing this in pairs makes this look gay as.. hahaha

  24. this is the modern version of shit morris dancing