10th comp - First 10 mins is Chaos - Adapted music, mixed around slightly. The rest is Slim, Mikky, Becca, Swedish shufflers, and others. If you have any problem with this video, feel free to keep it to yourself because I do not care. Shuffle Comp #11 shufflers needed - Send message to be in it. **Tracklist** 1. A Feeling (Tunebox Remix) - The Raiders 2. Sound of Thunder - D-block & S-te-fan Ft. Mc Villian 3. Letz Dance - D-Block & S-te-fan 4. Sexbusters (Scope Dj Remix) - SexBusters 5. Tear The Club Up - DJ Isaac 6. Essence Of Sound - D-Block & S-te-fan Intro track is adapted from Q-Dance Fusion 2010. Music sourced from Q-Dance Fusion 2010 - October 12th. Bought legally, of course.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

9 June 2007 Kuala Lumpur Dance Festival Hiphop & Shuffle competition @ Berjaya Times Square! Finally, 7 Sparkz T shirt released! A special gift will be given with every purchase of the shirt in LIMITED TIME only! If you are interested please contact us @ sevensparkz@hotmail.com or contact JV's @ 012-3141816 Peace

50 Responses to “Ultimate Shuffle Compilation V.10”

  1. Rubikpally says:

    Asian Kid ftw

  2. inuyasha33437 says:

    It’s not the fact of it moving along, I consider it adaptation, Which is required for survival.


  4. MetroidMills says:

    The spins on the guy with a white hoodie are fucking sick!

  5. MetroidMills says:

    Shufflings better than any other type of dancing imo, unless you consider moshing or throwdown which is wicked fun!

  6. dhHardstyle says:

    Nice video!

  7. TheSIMIC95 says:


  8. GlobalMusicStage says:

    I’ll try to look it up in my spare time, if I find the name I’ll be sure to message you.

  9. HSLrisk says:

    Oh okey, thanks.. Yeah its a full song, i just cant remember the name..
    thanks anyways

  10. GlobalMusicStage says:

    It’s just an intro, afaik. Check QDance Fusion website, it might be listed there if it’s a full song.

  11. HSLrisk says:

    Yes, I know. But do you know the name of the song?

  12. GlobalMusicStage says:

    It’s from QDance Fusion Live – The Toneshifterz livestage intro.

  13. HSLrisk says:

    what is that intro song? just before the raiders track?

  14. noquedaunbuennombre says:

    I think I would kill my kids if I catch em dancing like that.. Nice music through.

    No trolling intent was attempted on this comment.

  15. ChaosShufflers says:

    i just realised im in this but u couldnt of used a worse vid 4 me haha

    nd ur using all the footage of my vids -.-

    nice vid tho 🙂
    thanks anyway


  16. ChaosShufflers says:

    i just realised im in this but u couldnt of used a worse vid 4 me haha

    nd ur using all the footage of my vids -.-

    thanks anyway


  17. ChaosShufflers says:

    i just realised im in this but u couldnt of used a worse vid 4 me haha

    thanks anyway


  18. girls dnt only go dwn, they can also get dwn.
    this vid proves it.

  19. ajibThekillerz says:

    smaRt eDited…

  20. GlobalMusicStage says:

    Tear The Club Up – DJ Isaac

  21. fritzboxwlan2 says:

    -__- no man xD

  22. HardStyleCivilianHSC says:

    thig clip is stupid you all had the style thumbs down

  23. HardStyleCivilianHSC says:

    hey this game isint working

  24. FlabbaGab12 says:

    yeh, fuck you!!

  25. pokeboy85 says:

    diorang ni memang terel
    keep up the good work 7 sparkz

  26. swgeek63092 says:

    starting at 2:30 is axel coon – lamenting city. can anyone else name the rest of the songs please? thank you 🙂

  27. swgeek63092 says:


  28. k78hip13 says:

    wat is the last song??some1 tell me pls

  29. EsbAfiez says:

    wah 3:07 is the best!! 5/5!

  30. TheNameThatsNotTaken says:

    I think Apekwhuut’s video had a better angle but I still like this video.

  31. Lakshico says:

    can anyone tell me watz the tittle n artist for the song at 4:14?

  32. fatcatgal says:


  33. 7 sparkz

  34. wat wer d shufflers group name? any1 knows???

  35. ClassicShuffler says:

    is popping la wei.

  36. GenomSoldier says:

    whats the first song called?

  37. berjc61 says:

    for a moment- megara vs dj lee

  38. berjc61 says:

    1st one dunno, 2nd one is for a moment by megara vs dj lee, 3rd one is lamenting city by axel cool the others no idea.. sorry i only know 2 of them

  39. cikaro85 says:

    what is the song name at 1:30-2:30..?
    can anyone tell me..?

  40. M4STERCH3F says:

    awesome !!!!!!!!

  41. BRwind91 says:

    wat the song when popping?

  42. ClassicShuffler says:

    No la!!they dint copy 100%!!they copy 700% lar,because they have 7 person.

  43. nice one^^

  44. xiane68 says:

    so good super videos!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. 7sparkz is still active but didn’t post video on youtube due to some reason.Please stay tune and you will have a big suprise =D

  46. ClassicShuffler says:

    yeee hardkid macam tiru je ,tapi handmovement best haha

  47. weijunJv says:

    thanks, i found out bout it but it is ok. =)
    oh ya by the way if the guy in youtube which post name is 7sparkz is not us. just to let everyone know. hope u guys enjoy this video..

  48. haziqque says:

    bukti yg hardkid tiru!~~~

  49. jaceomax says:

    7 Sparkz…The Best of the BEST!!!!


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