Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. the crew thing is cool i want to start one but the battling for rep and street cred is stupid but if you have a friendly battle between friends thats all cool. his shuffle is cool as hell he is doing his own thing for the love or enjoyment of shuffling. (P.S. i have been shuffling for 5 months and i’m annoyed with most the younger tinny bopper shufflers out there)

  2. predator051084 says:

    shuffler, yes. Unique? NO

  3. now THIS is something worth watching πŸ˜› nice electro and somebody who actually knows what dancing is. nice job πŸ™‚

  4. wecwalknshuffle says:

    now this is what shuffling should look like … great vid πŸ™‚

  5. wecwalknshuffle says:

    @cowcow276 its called oldskool, thats wat it used to look like b4 muzztek TBs ruined it πŸ™‚

  6. wecwalknshuffle says:

    @henchai mikki doesnt have a kwl style… he jus does the same thing all the other TB Muzzteks do

  7. wecwalknshuffle says:

    @1hiturnan124 u mean the TB stomper style? haha fuck that… MIkki is shit compared to some of the oldskool shufflers and he is also the reason ppl dont shuffle anymore… all the TB kids making crews n battling in the streets is why noone shuffles anymore

  8. layslover951 says:

    can i pay you money…..

  9. Song?

  10. nevershuffles says:

    @henchai i know right? that guy doesnt know anything, why shuffle like someone else? i accidently ended up shuffling like HR-Ajam. ;P but thats when i didnt have internet and my buddie showed me a vid of this Ajam, and i did shuffle like him.. haha but styles change over time.. but wut the heck, its just about being unique! i liked you slow motion thingy, i might have to steal that! XD haha

  11. XxReALxLeGeNdxX says:

    goos shit homie

  12. fuckin sick!!!!!!

  13. juancthemage2 says:

    yo ur shuffle is nice smooth everything just mad nice man my fav part is around 1.40 i like wat ur doing man and u think i could get the name of the song

  14. good but u should make ur shuffle lore intense , try malaysian πŸ˜€

  15. cowcow276 says:

    @henchai your right, every shuffler has his or her own style
    and yes, shuffling isint dancing, its a way of lifestyle
    and at the vid: Great but to call it shuffling you need to move your legs more than your arms, on the vid your concentrating on arm movements more than leg movements.

  16. verry nice dude!

  17. Why haven’t i seen this video before now πŸ™ ?
    It’s awesome dude!

  18. sk8terfreak100 says:

    crazy bro!!
    I love the music too!
    house remix of tetris theme – brilliant!

  19. Chamberlin9 says:

    see, whatever you style is people, JUST DO IT. Welcome the haters, because if you have them, means two things 1.your getting there. keep practicing. 2.your good and they are mad they cant do it =p Practice doesnt make perfect, you just continue to improve like this guy. Excellent vid

  20. music8mysoul says:

    Dude, awesome style
    good way to conserve your energy too
    Plus it’s all smooth rather than hardstyle
    Nice job man 5/5

  21. przemas85ko says:

    at 1:37 – fuck thats cool !

  22. snowmanmafia says:

    too many haters these days. anyway nice shuffle keep rawkin

  23. that was the fucking shit dude if i could do that i would allllllllllllll dayyyyyyyy every where any where

  24. ChickenGreese says:

    Damn youz a sexy fish ^ ^

  25. Teamillusion909 says:

    keep it up homie you got sick style:)