Universal Shuffle Addicts Dedicated to those who rock to any music, but especially techno.
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100 comment's =-) wow , thank you too al the fan's. New Zealand Shuffle Compilation 2009..... New Zealand Shuffle Compilation 2010 coming soon!! HUR , R.II.K , NRG , AO , HR , IR , CURE , NFEKTID New Zealand Shuffler's Rocking it! WWW.BEBO.COM/IRAVERZ
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50 Responses to “Universal Shuffle Addicts HARDSTYLE”

  1. iamFRATTY says:

    @HairFIip agreed. If you are an electronica lover, you would just know. It’s like it’s innate.

  2. giovanni565 says:


  3. this video is pure sickness! i swear the god i had chills while watching this

  4. thecrip911 says:

    O_O dude T^T i am a begginner shuffler but i love the shuffle world its laidbak no bullshit to deal with or anything i think thats y i wanted to shuffle πŸ˜€

  5. ratatui096 says:

    can they wallk normally?

  6. RightHandManX666 says:

    can i join? i shuffle when ever and where ever but have no camara and i love your guys idea of a group, plus theres no teams around where i live
    so msg me back ok?

  7. can you tell me the edit settings if u use sony vegas?

  8. x23XM4mm07hX32x says:


  9. LilDude026 says:


    please watch
    any comments are ok
    just wanna know how im doing

  10. hotsexygirl123100 says:

    woop woop go kyren go kyren!!!!!! woop woop

  11. arcanusmax says:

    Great music, Awesome footwork, Need to work on your hand movement. Upper body needs to just a visually pleasing at the feet. Melb Shuffelers For life. Hardstyle forever.

  12. LuckyLee589 says:


  13. arcanusmax says:

    The music in these vids are awesome. Can anyone identify them??

  14. @LBCkilla23 Dont Be jealous LOL

  15. thuglovehomie says:

    For Kyrens style, i reckon elektro wud suit him more πŸ˜›

  16. justanotherUtuber says:

    lol @ 5:00 – 5:10 that’s great

  17. LBCkilla23 says:

    Damn, You Guys Suck. Hahahaha

  18. masterownedu says:

    @HairFIip to become a great shuffler
    you must have the passion for the music and the dance.
    you can’t just dance just because it’s cool and be good
    well you can
    but it’s not real.
    having the love for this music and being able to show your love by shuffling is pure.

  19. hotsexygirl123100 says:

    go kayren go kyren go kyren luv ya brotha

  20. TheRandomnessesShow says:

    Sorry, but it’s that what they call “scremo//thrash rock”?

  21. XvXValentineXvX says:

    I love his C-Walk vid. In my opinion, if you can do a good C-Walk, you can hardstyle.

  22. Death9230 says:

    sweet vid

  23. blueberrypanjake says:

    that laughing beat is deffinatly So trippy ahahaha

  24. X15Soldier says:

    Thats fuckin pimpppppppp

  25. only1ugotskooled says:

    that was a good video i like it lol the kid in the echo shirt was the better dhuffler

  26. Nice…haven’t watched this in ages
    LOL 2010 hasnt come out yet??

  27. skitzshuffler says:

    Mean Maoris Mean haha

  28. nzpker247 says:

    @hskization no fck off auzies arre shiit matee !!!!!!!!!

  29. HardStyleCivilianHSC says:

    i dont like shifting (Malaysian shuffle) it’s not really hardstyle and iot’s pretty easy

  30. shea the man

  31. hskization says:

    you shuffle to expreess not to impress new zealanddd!!!
    liek us aussiesss, dont get a name becoz you think youus aree gud
    do it for the love of itt.
    maori”s for lifeeee>>>>>!

  32. TheRemixclown says:


  33. TheRemixclown says:


  34. TheRemixclown says:

    put HAZX in next its our 1 i can send u a vid its 14 and under age it owns i will give vid soon when i get my latop back πŸ™‚

  35. braderkis says:

    can i be in 2010 compilation

  36. izaiahkahukura1234 says:

    u shud put our crew in the 2010 copilation if u mke one , look on ma page at our vids we called brotherhood aye from invercargill and bluff , down the south island ae lolol

  37. awesome shufflin’ respects from SG

  38. AlexanderHellberg94 says:

    name of the songs m8? πŸ˜‰ i really want em πŸ˜€

  39. Tonikbass says:

    Meannnnnnnn πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Nice Vid M8te

  40. Titanshuffle says:


    NZ ftw πŸ˜€

  41. pikinuts09 says:

    sup bro can you add my msn so i cn arrange summen with you names dj__main@hotmail.co.uk only if you wanna bro you hit this vid perfect geeh

  42. @elmoostommperz Bro ill beat you

  43. the only mean shuffler in thz iz haydeez th rest is shet

  44. @skuxx2deff69 his names shea you stupid ediot

  45. shufflekid01 says:

    @1porkas 1ST Kidd kaos Lost the fucking plot
    2nd deepforcers harder tune up remix
    forqot the 3rd

  46. fukn insane editing bro, props, NZ shuffle 4 LYFE ! :L

  47. aye whats the names of da songs cheers

  48. brothhahuud says:

    heey are yous making another one can sum ov our shufflaz be in if yous make anotha?

  49. coragest1 says:

    broo any chance uu could chuck bass agents in the nxt compilation we making a vidd i thnk bt theel be only too agents haha mee and liam

  50. skuxx2deff69 says:

    at 1:01 to 1:10

    hid name is JOJO not shea ! and hes in trance !!!