Unrestricted.be Gent melbourne shuffle meetup 14/07/08

Unrestricted.be Gent meetup 14/07/08 Songs: Alpha twins - Smack My Derb Showtek - The colour of the harder styles ( Dub mix ) Headhunterz - Rock Civilization Attendees: //BA//Charles //DCR//Amras //DCR//Kazoeja Deadpact Fiene H2 Kryptoxx Jotie Novaxx Yarow
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

29 Responses to “Unrestricted.be Gent melbourne shuffle meetup 14/07/08”

  1. ZookaOwnz says:

    Loool wtf xD

  2. DikkeHamster says:

    alleen de eerste had wa stijl, ma zijn kledij trok op geen hol

  3. pure cunt pro BROD: !
    5/5 rly nicely done

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  4. charles got owned by th little girl

  5. Stefaaaan91 says:

    Watch me Shuffling plz and Subscribe, thank you !


  6. KoolChiz1 says:

    Walk to aisle
    Look down aisle
    See that
    Keep walking


    XD haha this is how i shop now because of this video lol -HSU//Rocko

  8. 216 jumpstyler can do it because kick down the items XDD

  9. persuazions says:

    sooooooooo many noodles

  10. thebatman300011 says:


  11. warriorboy4 says:

    What is the name of the song ????

  12. RIKYMAN17 says:

    Wow ..!! y mmm jajajja

  13. Cbizz4Shiz says:

    Feel like this would be a good song for Techno Viking

  14. haha 😀 so mach ich das auch immer ;D

  15. Raybendiva says:

    What is the name of the song?

  16. DerKomtur11 says:

    <<< I am THE SEXY HOT SHUFFELGIRL:.....EXTREM World Shuffel...wer kann noch geiler Shuffeln?? CONTEST?? :-)...macht Videos dazu...ich war am Anfang jetzt seit ihr dran!!Last uns eine Shuffelkette machen!!Jeder verweisst auf die Videos vor ihm :-)

  17. HardStyle2Die4 says:

    Haha Noodles on sale thats why hes shuffling =P

  18. h00dm3skin says:

    @StateOwned i wish i was as good as everyone else ,”practice makes perfect!” but dam i wish i would already have shuffling built into my body and then i would finally get to shuffle to the music i love most! hardstyle, trance & so on…

  19. StateOwned says:

    @h00dm3skin go practice! every day ! thats how you do it

  20. TheEpicMCast says:

    thats how i imagine japan. 😀

  21. gyurxi551 says:

    Proof: what happens if you go to shopping with extasy pills. :))

  22. MrRay0124 says:


  23. h00dm3skin says:

    if i knew how to shuffle, i would shuffle in my job, in school hallways & courtyard ,my house, my neighbors house, outside, in space, in the grocies store,near a homeless person,in front of my dog,my toys,my girlfriend,old people,everywhere! 😀

  24. whistle9191 says:


  25. yuukoXIII says:

    敢用這樣經過酒櫃嗎? 嗯?

  26. hhhhirooo says:


  27. song?

  28. AstroCreator says:

    The way to shopping like a boss 😀

  29. robertalmaas says: