ok..alot of my friends wanted to learn how to hardstyle. so i finally made a simple video to teach you how to hardstyle. this is only the "running man" in th...

How to Melbourne shuffle. This is a really easy, fun and very fast way to learn the melbourne shuffle. Enjoy 🙂 ----Ignore below--- (just testing something o...
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5 Responses to “UTS:slyda- how to melbourne shuffle/hardstyle”

  1. @Roxasboi101…ummm its not me actually shuffling anyways lol. plus people kept forcing me to make them a “how to” video. so i gave them what i know. im not good at being a teacher. but i know how to shuffle though =P


  2. Roxasboi101 says:

    looks pretty retarded haha dont hold up your hands like that or itll look pretty stupid

  3. Yes.


  4. Is this little Daniel son???

  5. yay first comment, this is crap, just joking good 4 u m8