ok..alot of my friends wanted to learn how to hardstyle. so i finally made a simple video to teach you how to hardstyle. this is only the "running man" in th...

How to Melbourne shuffle. This is a really easy, fun and very fast way to learn the melbourne shuffle. Enjoy ­čÖé ----Ignore below--- (just testing something o...
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5 Responses to “UTS:slyda- how to melbourne shuffle/hardstyle”

  1. @Roxasboi101…ummm its not me actually shuffling anyways lol. plus people kept forcing me to make them a “how to” video. so i gave them what i know. im not good at being a teacher. but´╗┐ i know how to shuffle though =P


  2. Roxasboi101 says:

    looks pretty retarded haha dont hold up your´╗┐ hands like that or itll look pretty stupid

  3. Yes.


  4. Is this little´╗┐ Daniel son???

  5. yay first comment, this is crap, just joking good 4 u m8´╗┐