Enjoy watching! In my opinion one of the best Shuffle Compilations! I made the Reupp for higher Quality! :P.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Finally a new video 😀 It's been since september Sloppy planning, sloppy editing and YT desync makes it offbeat... And yes, I know I have fluttery arms 😐 Co...

36 Responses to “We Dance Hard.com Presents New School Melbourne Shuffle Compilation!”

  1. Allan Melo says:

    Insict Rocky Ed Luke!!!!

  2. primaggio1 says:

    Mikki, Sacco… Legendary!


  4. chriztiibabii says:


  5. marniekazim says:

    ok i guess yur right. sorry for being such a bitch

  6. darkmatter411 says:

    nope i’m 20 mate and it is a form of dance cause it is a form of movement used to express how you feel about the music and since your claim shuffle isn’t a dance it means the same for krump and jerk they are just the same

  7. marniekazim says:

    bitch ass troll lol smart arent you. i bet yur what 14 or sumthing and think suffling is the best thing out . lol and who cares wat its named its the dance form that matters obviously yu wont know since shuffling isnt even a dancce form . laters lil kid

  8. darkmatter411 says:

    well i believe your the gay one then since krumping and jerking are gayest fucking names for a dance style ever and get the fuck off our vids bitch ass troll

  9. I don’t recall when seizing was any sort of dance.

  10. marniekazim says:

    lol you must be some white kid who obviously thinks your cool by shuffling . shuffle of a clif y dont you

  11. Yeah, you’re a stupid nigger.

  12. marniekazim says:

    shuffling is so fucken gay
    krumping rox!
    and jerking!!!

  13. WtoN Araujo says:

    BEs i ever seen *——*

  14. Mmmh not to be a bad guy but some aren’t so young, some are from 2007 but some are new too so enjoy that compilation of good hardstyle !!!

  15. angelzKate says:

    its new school look mnelbourne shuffle documentary …..

  16. great video… it’s a pity that my toilet has a better res xD

  17. bboyfreeze2 says:

    it’s not new school, all of it it’s from 2007-2009 old school~
    – -|||

  18. haha exactly what I thought, you don’t even have a damn video! ppfff, wow Feel sorry for who ever the fuck you are >.<

  19. Edoardo Travaso says:

    diokka quanto spacca sto video….

  20. porkANDbeans831 says:

    kick ass

  21. imingunit1 says:

    still looks good at a meet tho

  22. Nicolas Gujer says:

    i like the begining… whats the original of the first vid. called ? 😀

  23. slickdude24590 says:

    fuck oath man

  24. looks soo much better in a club

  25. Chris Muir says:

    gives the illusion of smoother foot work, and looks like you are doing more. also is a fad tho 😛

  26. Lolol really? I cant watch for more than 20 seconds without suffering headaches from seeing my own technical mistakes

  27. Stanislav 'Staza' Arzhanikav says:

    Soul Train :’) I love you and this song, shuffle in my pants i beg you

  28. welke rafael?

  29. john guincy says:

    hey kamikaze do you know rafael

  30. thanks :D

  31. Niels Burggraeve says:

    nice one 🙂

  32. domi samson says:

    petje af jongens

  33. The22ndChannel says:

    Your style is pretty good

  34. eldo yanto says:

    wawwww,,,i like it……..you shuffle

  35. Thanks and yes it is also dedicated to you 😀

  36. *sniff* it’s also dedicated to me :’) Awesome man x)