hardstyle and melbourne shuffle at packson. miri team shuffler, bintulu team shuffler, kch team shuffler, and sibu team shuffler
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Street Shuffling hardstylerepublic.teamconvention.com

50 Responses to “Welcome back нsя”

  1. SUFI194189 says:

    this video deserves more views!

  2. Traviii1 says:

    Headhunterz – The Sacrifice

  3. Hey,can anyone tell me what is the opening song called??

  4. SpaceJuppiter90 says:

    pah kajaw lan gaya haa nih…chisit

  5. ZechtKiNg says:

    very thanks you =)

  6. zilvinas66 says:

    the song with guitar part at 4:12 is Dark Oscillators – Superstar DJ

  7. ZechtKiNg says:

    can anyone tell me the poping song and the guita?
    very thanks if u help!

  8. ray1994a says:

    can tell me the number 6 and 5 song?

  9. shufflezftw says:

    This is my favourite shuffle vid. You guys are to pro.
    but if any1 1 could tell me what the song at 4:44 is it will be appreciated.

  10. so much skill! i likee! =]

  11. tidus1131992 says:

    I will the music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. ryanRH8811 says:

    lolx nop dude we get top 5 oni =/

  13. did they win?

  14. shufflebean says:

    wad is the song at 4:54??Tell me pls

  15. shamus, wat is da name of da fifth song?

  16. wad’s the name of last song?

  17. KelvinC94 says:

    so cool…u guys ^^

  18. physco1992 says:

    Tiz group ROCK!!!

  19. illusionz1991 says:


  20. illusionz1991 says:


  21. illusionz1991 says:

    hehehe headhunterz-sacrifice

  22. ray1994a says:

    can tell me the 1st song name?

  23. randyzai83 says:

    hsr ROCK !

  24. so nice

  25. lyckansost says:

    whats the name of the last song?

  26. faris518 says:

    @mike0mike Apekwhuut 🙂

  27. mike0mike says:

    Who’s the guy at 5.38? He’s awesome.

  28. RaverBabyDellyy says:

    Dino Chooon =]

  29. HRfaiz69 says:

    Hell Ya…!!! HR// IZ….. XDDD

  30. 0028lucky says:

    big up much respect

  31. BadBuggyboy666 says:

    The Prophet vs Brennan Heart – The Payback

  32. whats the name of the first song ?plz
    nice shuffle

    hardstyle for ever ^^

  33. amerdean18 says:

    apa nama lagu nak start dri 2:04???

  34. WhatDisko says:

    @ck1rie lol!!!!!!!
    Ganjaguru – BlackWinter

  35. JerfinhoouL says:

    Comment’s Plz


    Thank’s For watching!

  36. themisslylie says:

    cute achik!!!

  37. hey, i up this song. check out my profile to see it 🙂

  38. MeyrulDaNceHaRD says:

    donkey rollers – silver bullet

  39. MeyrulDaNceHaRD says:

    of coz its aril…

  40. areshuff99 says:

    lor..mmg aril pn..

  41. Manotai42 says:

    nice video…

  42. Faizlan1 says:

    0:19 like aril af la

  43. Republic95 says:

    what the name song min 0:14

  44. HuhPsycho says:

    lmao chinese xd

  45. Beanzada says:


  46. BbyBoi86 says:

    btw is this all one song? wut is it?
    cuss sound nice at the beggining an i like it at 2:19 hehe

    nice vid ^_^

  47. BbyBoi86 says:

    u can look it up on youtube, but lessons are alil weird… they will explain a 3 step.. part that in time ull break down to a 2 step… alot of fun ^^….
    hardstyle shuffle… ^^

  48. Darkforce – Blackwinter

  49. kutsorona says:

    where do i go to learn that?

  50. kutsorona says:

    bad ass dancin