At Labour weekend tournament in Albany Sam, Tk and Alan..Enjoy:)
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25 Responses to “Whangarei Lazy Tek and Shuffle Tk, Alan and Sam”

  1. MrBoobalu says:

    hayy wats up dude that is awsome wat kind of dancing is that wats it called wat u do alan

  2. yous are hot 😉

  3. Picturejasper3340 says:

    Mean as! Keep it up

  4. IluvzShuffle says:

    Loving it bro keep it up 🙂
    Lovin the odd socks 😀 x

  5. TheRushler says:

    hhahahaha Farout everytime i watch u guyz its like u get better or somthin big ups Boyz weldone u fullaz RUL3

  6. yo what is the first song like that sam dances to i love it but dont know the name

  7. mrBestfriendsforlyfe says:

    OH Maddie You Killer LMFAO

  8. TaliaPORTEOUS says:

    you guys a super Fiiinnnnneeee 😀 and meeeaaan as danceers

  9. JenniferJurassic1 says:

    thats crazy.

  10. anahera2003 says:

    Big ups plimmerton school room 10
    Keep wacthin


  11. gotaridebmx101 says:

    u guys r fucken ledgends!!!

  12. ManawaaHepi says:

    Farr i used ta think this dancing was dum untill i watched these farr primo u guys big upz

  13. GloveSlapSAM says:

    love this song

  14. urfuckensyn says:


  15. 2:46 is the best bit very talented

  16. Lol at Marty you killer :L

  17. lol yous are mean compeared to some people that cant shuffle or techtonic hahaha
    cough cough ” GABBY”

  18. Katiexpie says:

    love it at 2:45!!

  19. loves it

  20. TeeJaay13 says:

    aw mean vid boiz, tk is cute 🙂 x

  21. shufflingsk8 says:

    the first song is DJ Settler-project

  22. shufflingsk8 says:

    the 2nd song is this time dj antoine

  23. the 1st part wer ur shuffling isnt very good

  24. IsaBoy619 says:

    whtsz th song whre tk is dancing.?

  25. faithisdabomb says:

    Haha oopz, long agoo!