its done!!! will smith vs scrubs/ shuffle battle plz comment and rate ~~POoka~~
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25 Responses to “will smith vs scrubs/melbourne shuffle[battle](original)”

  1. 1tidusnaruto says:

    kann mir jemand den remix schicken der bei turk kommt danke im voraus ^^

  2. Veja nosso novo video…
    See our new video …
    We live to dance | Teds & Tomate [ Rock’n’Raverz Team BRASIL ]
    Aus.shuffle VS Mas.shuffle

  3. Oldschool Willi !!! Thumbs up !!!

  4. begithestrange says:

    click here to skip the intro


    and give thumbs up πŸ˜€

  5. saoirseehamilton says:

    whats de name of the first song please the one wills shufling to πŸ˜€

  6. saoirseehamilton says:

    whats de name of de song wills shuffling to ?

  7. LostPlanetFreak1 says:

    me lol

  8. blackopsrule says:

    It cracks me up everytime he does that little hand shake XD Thats what I do when I shuffle from now on XD

  9. will smith did the splits his all the way

  10. evilpikachu4 says:

    will smith is a beast

  11. will was tight but gota go with scrubs cuz nice song with nice moves

  12. scrubs =D

  13. will smith WIN he’s more funny and do funny shuffles so.. he is the WINNER!

  14. 1tidusnaruto says:

    will ist beste aus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. maoriboy298 says:


  16. Bositothesauci says:


  17. 1tidusnaruto says:

    will nr1

  18. Rebelution09 says:


  19. 1tidusnaruto says:

    b20teg kannste ma bitte diesen stronger remix lΓ€nger machen der is geil wie du ihn machst danke im voraus

  20. 1tidusnaruto says:

    will is beste

  21. XmaultwinsX says:


  22. donald Faison FTW πŸ˜€

  23. Stargatefreak17 says:


  24. scrubs won haha but Will was funny hahaha

  25. JumpStyle212 says: