Melbourne Shuffle Compilation: Girls Can Shuffle 2 Thanks for vids and hope u enjoy =] TRACKLIST: star alliance- he's a runner the real booty babes- played alive josh & wesz- like thizz familiar faces- mad world Unknown Analoq - MFG (Mr Eyez & Brennan Heart DFQN Remake) karpe dm- fucke me I'm famous Cry For you(Luca Antolini Club Mix) e-ffect- volero have fun ๐Ÿ™‚

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation”

  1. JeimiiJEZEBEL says:

    This videos not that bad if you mute the music and play something like Young Birds by Patrick Bunton while watching it.

  2. Shmapanese says:

    lol makes the ppl look like fvckin morons haha
    Shuffle girls FTMFW!

  3. gwazdediors says:

    wmg turned off audio…

  4. DJMarioStylez says:

    music fail !!!

  5. yungkasino says:

    if anyone wants to join my suffle crew if your La or Lb county hit me up…its kalled KloZeTxKillahZ….

  6. MrSpycamp says:

    its look good but why its noob musik ? xD

  7. Lol without the music it fails,
    I’m sorry.
    But its understandable.
    WMG is fucked up I guess.
    Good thing I’ve watched this video several times before and know how amazing it was.

  8. MegaImbaZocker says:

    1:15 i love her Top

  9. girlovestacos88 says:

    1:15 & 4:05 – I loooove their pants!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    very awesome :]

  10. translate this into google: si se figan en el minuto 4:27 hay sale una chica en el mismo lugar de un chavo que sale en melboune shuffle copilation 6 en el minuto 1:42 miren los videos miren tambien el melbourne shuffle copilation 6

  11. darkmatter411 says:

    \D.o.B// Ash is the only good/great shuffler there she is the worlds best all the other don’t dare but any power into it coz they think it will “ruin there passon” which i don’t think is right at all

  12. richardaorichard says:

    i fond lol thanks

  13. richardaorichard says:

    so amazing you can say the name of the musics of video please!

  14. HardstylePooler says:

    Some were really good, but most of ’em was a bit laim…

  15. cool 5/5 exelent love 5/5

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  16. TheRealAmyBeloved says:

    The first girl with the pink pj pants, I didn’t think she was that good. But overall nice video.

  17. gwazdediors says:

    tracklist realeased… lol. Check more info

  18. iamvoltron001 says:

    ohh and wats the song at 3:39?

  19. iamvoltron001 says:

    wow the chick at 3:39 is hot as and shes pretty good shuffler ๐Ÿ˜›

  20. EightDayzAWeek says:

    3:24 wow she SUCKS. the rest are awesome. i wanna learnnnnn!

  21. creapnation says:

    is TIHB.

  22. I like those titties bouncin to the beat =D~
    Keep on shufflin !

  23. tubbymura98 says:

    who’s the girl with the red at 3:33?

  24. i agree with u:)

  25. This is cool ๐Ÿ™‚
    i like 2:37