Thanks for watching 🙂 Songs: Skylight Glare - Robot Porn Kamui - Victory (Virus Inc Mix) Donky Rollers - No One Can Stop Us Skylight Glare - Vengeance DJ Joop - The Future Dozer - Legacy of History (but here mixed by DJ Prophet) Wildstylez - Revenge (but here mixed by DJ Prophet) The above list has been revised since the songs weren't in the right order before, and I totally forgot one song, sorry about that everyone. Basically this is the 2nd installment of my World Melbourne Shuffle Compilation video. World Melbourne Shuffle Compilation Edition WMSCE2 melb shuffle shuffling hardstyle trance hard happy hardcore euro techno killzone rave defqon1 2008 Canada USA Brazil Latvia Ireland Netherlands Lithuania Poland Germany Austria Malaysia Australia DJ Prophet pae sarah mikki ravers raving dancing music Toronto kalalit HsH Hunteris Lakiz SeC Olix LT HsK HSG DoB HDC FOB hiltzy PHD Pure Hard Dance XHS HSA Legacy of History Wildstylez Revenge

25 Responses to “World Melbourne Shuffle Compilation Edition 2”

  1. heyy i like this, i living in mexico ,here is too much shufflers ,good video men

  2. @kalalit Yeah shes good, love the Killzone 2 intro at 2:57 by the way. 😉

  3. @zax2222 hahah lol not that creepy 😀 she’s soooo good at shuffling!

  4. Shuffle barbie looks creepy, like an Emo shuffler.

  5. dragon26463 says:

    America is lagging on the shuffling cuz most people are either break dancing or dancing something like jerking or duggie

  6. ManyOfPowaaaaaaaa says:

    The new upcoming shuffler and will be in the next Compilation Ryan check him out his youtube channel is 30SecShuffle check him out!! Thumbs up so everyone can see this kid. Or check my favourites.


  8. cool

  9. dainiukas19 says:

    im watching this video 9th time (i think :D) and it still pwns my ass 😀

  10. how you dance like this in a packed club?

  11. HardStylePaddyEiffe says:

    🙂 im in it 😉

  12. nosenoseist says:

    it’s missing panama

  13. intoxaction says:

    there aussies at 8:25 they are pretty much the most known shufflers!!!

  14. intoxaction says:

    Aussie all the way!!!!

  15. thecrip911 says:

    oh yea i got 5 people to shuffle with me =D greetings from north america =)

  16. @kalalit yeah rofl .. long time 😀

  17. @pr0phyz you just found out now?? lol xD

  18. 7:20 whoot – It’s an honor to be in

  19. thecrip911 says:

    damn america we laggin it so far behind -_-

  20. lool that intro speaking from killzone 2 xD

  21. @TheCkop haha Yep! Aussies are my fav!! 🙂


  23. lol jkkz auss rules!

  24. go saudi arabia!!

  25. very good vid greetings from Poland to all shufflers :)