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This is the tutorial for the melbourne shuffle (T-step). I use Reference to the running man, so i'de watch those ones first in my vids.

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  1. TheNicol08 says:

    superrrr !

  2. TheNicol08 says:

    zajebiscie ;]

  3. .. zaje*bisty filmik ;);* $weet

  4. HAhaha xD Wariaty XD jeszcze ta nuta to juz w ogole pasuje do tych klimatow haha xD do Uluibonych leci xD

    Pozdro Wariaty ^^

  5. peter5230 says:

    Zajebiacho jak dla mnie 😉

  6. @wozniak93 Może i rocka ; p
    Lubię szpanować swoim angolem xD

  7. very nice shuffle men =)
    nice nice =D


  8. @TadzikJS a po co po angielsku?? ;D
    I jak juz to do remixu rocka ;D

  9. @wozniak93 Mayby because you are dancing to rock & roll remix ; p

  10. @reneeshufflemuch and what do you mean “madd” ?? 😀

  11. @reneeshufflemuch second song is Trance Generators – Do you want a balloon

  12. reneeshufflemuch says:

    madd shuffle
    whats the second song?

  13. FraniaSenior says:

    Haaa niezle . Dla mnie jestescie zajefajnii ; D.

    Alee i tak wiesz Kubuś ze twoja technika jest w hujj zajebista i mnie sie podoba ; )) .

    Ajj kozaki . A Major okey .. BONUS smiesznyy ; ))

    Montaz na dobrym poziomie ;p


  14. shadowjumpstyle11 says:

    Filmik zajebisty chłopaki pzdr a muza wymiata aż chce się tańczyć 🙂

  15. wozniak93 says:

    @AiFam13 The Pitcher – Twist and Shout

  16. No sory ale musze spytać ;D
    Wiem to jest..
    The Beatles Twist And Shout.. ale jaka to przeróbka? ;>

  17. TheNicol08 says:

    koniec najlepszy… Fajny głosik Major…xDD

  18. JumperMacko says:

    hahaha :D:D:D dobreeeeee zajebista 1 nuta haha pozdro :)))


  19. wozniak93 says:

    @dawid3740 ma sie swoje źródła xD

  20. Pierwsza nuta zajebista xD jak i cały fylm… Ludki no “Fajne” xD

    i do ulubionych bo kurka naprawde x)<3

  21. dawid3740 says:

    Kolejna śmieszna produkcja 😛
    Nuta po prostu kosi 😀
    Skąd Ty je bierzesz ?! ;D

  22. AdrianeroShuffler says:

    Zajebisty vid fav ;D

  23. Filipesku93 says:

    kozacka nutka ;d
    zajebioza crazy ^^

  24. JumpingDaNieL1 says:

    fajna nutka ;D
    bombaa xD

  25. fourthzane says:

    that was funny 🙂

  26. brybrybailey123 says:

    @Licence2KO what does show even mean?

  27. nice easy to follow steps. cheers will try when have time. thanks for the vid

  28. damazurek says:

    about how long should i practice a day? cuz i already do about 20-30 a day.

  29. DaBeatMonstah says:

    thanks so much dude now I understand how to do the t-step!

  30. DaBeatMonstah says:

    thanks so much dude now I understand how to do the t-step

  31. You want us to practice using the c-walk glide? That’s also pretty tricky to do.

  32. do u know when your finished doing one what do u do next?

  33. frances359 says:

    ur cute

  34. htirah100 says:

    i thought you were australian dude.where are you from anyway?

  35. htirah100 says:

    @1Guy1Buny i also have the same problem as you i think this problem is like you are left-legged or right-legged get the picture?


  37. bad asss dude i love your style!

  38. orkamera83 says:

    Nice tutorials man, i checked your old running man vids since i dont feel i am progressing with the running man… Dont mind the flamers, the rest of us know you do a a good thing, keep it up! I wouldnt say no if you could take a quick look at my vid and see if you can see what the hell i am doing wrong =D

    Anyways peace!

  39. SteelStanton says:

    whats up with ppl talking shit on ppl trying to teach? Bitch, you give nothing to the video, or post your own. Pure cocksucker.

  40. i know how to the T to the left but i have trouble going to the right my legs are weird :p but this really helped me thanx 5/5

  41. FMSHardstyle says:

    @Licence2KO Perhaps you didn’t quite catch that word ‘OLD’ in caps in the title. Check out my new stuff.

    [FMS] Javi

  42. Licence2KO says:

    man u suck

  43. chelzntait says:

    thanks for makin his lol yo thinkyou need practice i need loads lol

  44. Viser11222 says:

    What do you do with your knees? is the shuffling leg straight while your kicking foots bent?

  45. when i do with my left leg on the ground it was just like lagging or somthing

  46. XXLadyImmortal says:

    Thanks so much! Ive been searching a couple weeks to find a video like this! Yeah im a noobie but ehh XD im trying, again thanks so much!

  47. iiCookieJar says:

    Great tutorials! [i need so much practice… haha]

  48. rekless21 says:

    thanks man, one of the few vids that go into good detail thanks for your time

  49. FMSHardstyle says:

    not really, the “T” is just used to learn it. it has to somewhat keep the same look tho after you get used to it.

  50. utubedevon says:

    Do your feet have to make a t shape when they come down?