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Video Rating: 4 / 5

14 Responses to “(wyncent1991 Shuffle) DJ Café – Half Life”

  1. airborne101st45 says:

    i don´t know what you see in shuffling. i think it´s extremely stupid and druggy shit

  2. awsomesss says:

    omg my picture on there 0:36 haha awsome video

  3. Merlin1616 says:

    the first pasrt was not exactly to the beat 😛

    but you are good rly 🙂

  4. daayummm youre good, but you need baggier pants 😛

  5. ssCindyss says:

    Jacket looks great on you! XD

  6. MilkshakeMagic says:

    DJ Cafe u need sum HARDstylers xD

  7. haha awesome!

  8. Thank you!

  9. Seantube3videos says:

    nice shuffle dude

  10. wyncent1991 says:

    thanks man =)

  11. Fathergoth says:

    Nice Footworkz there :P, good vid + nice song!

  12. thesweetestsherry says:

    Awesome to watch, thanks for sharing this ;-)x

  13. HenriRooneyLuNa says:

    Niice Song And ShuFFle!

  14. punkrokrdude says:

    nice shuffle