a mocro boy in belgium goes hardstyle write a reaction if u like it or not.
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my cousin and friends want to know how to tecktonik so i made this one and i have taught a lot of my friends so far so i hope u like and just practice as lon...
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6 Responses to “yazein first time hardstyle”

  1. CzyrusDaPyro says:

    That was pretty cool; much better than me. lol

  2. N00bieJumper says:

    haha he looked nervous… i would be if i was shuffling on dirt with the
    weirdest song ever man {-_-}

  3. SpiceBoy7UK23 says:

    @sehun1993 –> True say buddy what’s even more amazing is that in this day
    and age some retards still call it “tecktonik”

  4. xXElectroBrothersXx says:

    doode i can tell your just watching slick training make your own moves if
    your going to put a tutorial jeeze ??

  5. Looool xDxD OMG LOWW. PLS learn dance before make tutorial πŸ˜€

  6. sonicrockz1000 says:

    U gay Bro Bro