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our first compilation!:) edited by HOTB Akasha. All these clips are never seen before clips except for HOTB Jill&MooMoo Shuffle appearances HOTB Chewy HOTB Yushki HOTB Rai HOTB MooMoo HOTB Zabeth HOTB Shawty HOTB Jill HOTB Vivian HOTB Shanice HOTB Wen Yee HOTB Akasha HOTB...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “You Know What I Want (GIRLZ THAT CAN SHUFFLE)”

  1. uninteressiert says:

    i wish all girls could dance like 2:00 😀

  2. alfajumper says:

    @ultimatedarkhollow12 THP Siera

  3. wereboarder2009 says:

    you know…… your right pae IS a girl XD

  4. 666CorpseRot says:

    that two dancing at about 1:00 were dancing at the same time were so in sync with each other that was amazing

  5. TankSwift says:

    That girl at 1:50 is SICK!!!

  6. andre22360 says:

    3:20 ->Beat+Dance<- Awsome !!

    Come And Rate 😉

  8. igelmitdeagle says:

    penguin and rabbit, GODLIKE 😀

  9. ericvoogdt21 says:

    love the pingwin 😛 so funny

  10. guilty1439 says:

    @dichnei no dude shes just the finest. shes hella sloppy

  11. ultimatedarkhollow12 says:

    The girl in 1:50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =((((

  12. ultimatedarkhollow12 says:

    Heyyyy I’m still looking for that girl on 1:48 =(( can somebody help me find her account?!!!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  13. the girl at 1:48 to 2:16 is the best in my opinion 😉

  14. jokahXXII says:

    thp siera =)

  15. Bluddyshadowhell says:

    @ultimatedarkhollow12 THP Siera<<<<

  16. Textataliah says:

    hahahahhahaa the rabit and penguin

  17. u guyz all luk like grlz dat stuff there bra

  18. ultimatedarkhollow12 says:

    Hwyyy whts the accout of the girl that dances in 2:20. She’s hella cute n dances really goood!  please tell meeeeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeee

  19. TeamDhSshuffle says:

    Name of song that starts af 3:08

  20. SireniaShadow says:

    Pae and Sarah FTW!

  21. meadrian4 says:

    Dammmm go girls shuffle

  22. SyDney7vn says:

    DJ K-Swisha – You Know What I Want

  23. SyDney7vn says:

    THP Siera

    best girl *****

  24. OttoisbackxD says:

    look so good and so exhausting =D

  25. IIPhaseII says:

    @cvunit penguins 4 world domination! 😀

  26. heestree710 says:

    Static Katherinne was good
    -H.B.K Legion

  27. vjustanders says:

    What does HOTB stand for?

  28. JumpinggHz says:

    lol its from 2008 … chill out.

  29. ironicdevil666 says:

    sony vegas pro 8 or at least the new version if not

  30. alienwork13 says:

    what’s the name of the song at 4:51

  31. m1nOruLoveHardstyle says:

    wow …Its the no 1 Most Beautiful Compilation song I have hear :X
    Static Jill & Static akasha are BOMBBBBBBBBBBB”:x

  32. ArcadiaXii says:

    I like the first song…And your videos with the mixes.

    No right or wrong way to shuffle. ^^ Keep it up!

  33. AvatarOfDarkess says:

    Its a compliment from me, gr8

  34. AvatarOfDarkess says:

    Post the song list pls?

  35. salman889 says:

    too much mixing man wtf!!!?!?!

  36. Backuptosexy says:

    song name at 2:50??

  37. POKERFACE888 says:

    nice style 🙂

    …could u say me which program u have used make this vid?=

  38. ø„¸¨°º¤ø„¸ ¸„ø¤º°¨ ¸„ø¤º°¨
    ¨°º¤ø„¸ Hardstyle ¸„ø¤º°¨
    ¸„ø¤º°¨ BAVARIA ¨°º¤ø„

  39. nicoshuffle says:

    long time already i din’t see this video 🙂

  40. Akasha12629 says:

    me 2 deary
    me 2


  41. hazardminorsvivian says:

    i miss those dayzz 🙂


  42. song at 6:48 ? (:

  43. GaRproduction says:

    Akashaaa..Is HOTB still alive

    IF it is can i join?

    Nice vids akasha..

  44. KaSuTkupUnya says:

    go google search
    ‘ youtube to mp3 ‘
    then convert this video ‘s song to your mp3 …..
    using the url…

  45. MooMoo caught a piece of my heart ;D
    Akasha caught a piece of my soul<3
    Keep on shufflin!

  46. That was amazing really great stuff.

  47. edmundkangxianghe says:

    Not back la. but can do it better. keep it up. all the best to HOTB girls.=) anyway can tell the about the song? thx

  48. pwiincemike says:

    Akasha will you be my gf

    hahahahahaah fuck you can shuffle and i love it! xD

  49. tingelover12 says:

    ahaha xD

    UHD/Amalina [shawty]

  50. what’s the songs name?