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18 Responses to “★Malaysian Shuffle Compilation★short Version★The Best Of 2011★”

  1. eternal man says:

    nice compilation brooo comentar my style shuffle pleace Eternal From

  2. Eduardo Mauro says:

    nice comp , SF – Murky.

  3. Francisco Villa says:

    Greatest compilation vid ;))) so sick does anyone know the track names?

  4. TyronsBox says:

    subscribed! favorited! put me in the next compilation i get my cast off my
    leg tomorrow morning i want an epic come back:))

  5. ShuffleHewy says:

    faszás comp :D:D lájklájk

  6. TIHPvitor says:

    thanks for putting me in this compilation, I am very grateful

  7. tomkimaestro00 says:


  8. RODEXSHUFFLE1 says:


  9. KZNfilmsProd says:

    songlist ?

  10. GetUpShuffle says:

    Nice 🙂 thanks for adding me 🙂 BN Getup

  11. Aaron Pudiquet says:

    wats the name of the first song that was playing?

  12. TyronsBox says:

    Fts | VEXED

  13. Anderson Ramos says:

    WOW AMAZING COMP BROTHER 😀 *-* thx for me in comp ;D love ! <3 AAAH TIHP |

  14. akim grenier says:

    trop mortel ..look shuffle native .is my home 4 video

  15. RBPresents says:

    Wow, thanks dude! Nice comp, really nice shufflers. (: – Ruy

  16. PIGLETSTER91 says:

    Nice compilation brooo!! =D LIKED GOTTi | Is Freed.

  17. get up best

  18. Bernardo Medeiros says:

    Foda ! 5* Liked eddy