This one went alot better then the last one, it has more advanced moves and shit.. TRACKLIST: 1.Kaskade ft. Rebecca Fiona - Turn It Down (Mister Gray Mashup) 2.Find Yourself (Cosmic Gate Remix) 3.Younglife - Wifi I Really hope, this video could help you guys Please Subscribe c:
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25 Responses to “♥Malaysian Shuffle Tutorial♥”

  1. Derp Derpington says:

    Awesome video, you coverd everything around Malaysian Shuffle, couldn’t make it better myself :’)
    I have probably spelled something wrong in this comment :p

  2. nfgELEcTrigZz says:

    Just . Fucking . Dance!

  3. vohburst 'olivo' says:

    You should know about your dance before you state inaccurate shit about it. Peace.

  4. nfgELEcTrigZz says:

    I Know, but most people call it malaysian (;
    And sorry, but i just want to dance and not some extra history lesson (:

    Thank you for Watching 

  5. vohburst 'olivo' says:

    This isn’t Malaysian. See, real mas was developed in Malaysia, originally doing it to hard trance/progressive hardstyle, also adding more drop on the runningman. This would be Cali Style, which is a rip off of real mas.

  6. nfgELEcTrigZz says:

    Watch my new Videos .-.

  7. kevin36015 says:

    Why are sorry ass people the only one who make videos like this? -_-t

  8. kevin36015 says:

    Why u tell ppl to suck some dick? Niggah u suck u make shuffling look bad , if u suck dicks then u go suck some dick. Learn how to shuffle good first and then make a video.

  9. nfgELEcTrigZz says:

    @9OH9LCS what 😮

  10. nfgELEcTrigZz says:

    @MrxAssassinxT2 Well…i think At least 277 people found this helpfull..sorry if it doesnt help you!

  11. MrxAssassinxT2 says:

    This doesn’t help

  12. Can You Hear Me now ?

  13. anayaloves1d says:


  14. anayaloves1d says:

    I get it noe im learning the tricks noe

  15. anayaloves1d says:

    I MEANT the slide-runningman and stop asking for the tutorial all the time and that would help if he did but forreal stop

  16. anayaloves1d says:

    I don’t get the runningman!!!!!

  17. Gerardo Carbajal says:

    My bad if I keep commenting but I’m really trying to learn that slide-running man and I can’t find another tutorial v.v

  18. Dope


  19. Can you make another tut with more tricks,glides,and spins ?? 😀

    -KidKrazed K.W.L

  20. funkymonky51 says:


  21. surirogers says:

    this helped me a lot! thanks man

  22. nfgELEcTrigZz says:

    @Gerardo Carbajal I Haven’t Recorded Yet, because it’s my Birthday and stuff, but i will do a third Part for sure..As soon as i Can (: -KidFlow//ANG

  23. Gerardo Carbajal says:

    @nfgELEcTrigZz have you started the tutorial? ._.

  24. fuzzybear65255 says:

    don’t do the hoping thing unless you wanna get laughed at

  25. nfgELEcTrigZz says:

    @Gerardo Carbajal its cool, but im not home til tuesday..i try to make it then (: