This is a Melbourne Shuffle compilation, compiled...


READ HERE FIRST--**** ALL CREDITS GO TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS! If it's off-sync, blame Youtube. -_- This is a Melbourne Shuffle compilation, compiled...
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

31 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 2010”

  1. Motherfucker says:


  2. Haaa this was uploaded on my birthday! ;D Very good btw!

  3. TheFutureWockee says:

    I liked your style 😛

  4. TheFutureWockee says:

    I’m not sure.

  5. Cleiton Alexandre says:

    nuum tem coisa melhor que menina dançando melbourne shuflle paguei um pau
    pra ela

  6. leroysk8nshuffle says:

    Yeee PHS Holly 😉 PHS LeRoy

  7. Nice 4* /watch?v=Z7ZOzx6I-1g /watch?v=Z7ZOzx6I-1g /watch?v=Z7ZOzx6I-1g
    Coment’z and rate please 😉

  8. Mj Fimbres says:

    little Holly! myyy bestfriend!!!

  9. great vid!!

  10. TheFutureWockee says:

    No problem, bro.

  11. TheFutureWockee says:

    @Rangakid2 Yeah

  12. loveyouloveme1405 says:

    i like the girl :X

  13. TheFutureWockee says:

    Thanks dude! 😀

  14. You hav an excellent X cross to spin comprehension. 5*

  15. Motherfucker says:

    put up a songlist some of them are awesome

  16. Snoopy Lemaire says:

    Who is the second dancer ?

  17. @TheFutureWockee Sweet. Hate it when people dub over different songs, just
    looks tacky and bad {HKS} Omnomnom

  18. TheFutureWockee says:

    Songlist released in description 🙂

  19. H’ mcgee kinda looks like its been sped up

  20. That hmccxgee chick was hot as brew

  21. unknown shuffle me (dee) aka david and my fwend peter :L

  22. phat pants FTW

  23. are the songs dubed over the songs playing when it was being filmed?

  24. BrokenLeonz says:

    wow…~ NiCe…~ New video Ha?

  25. gay!

  26. Compilation Brazil says:

    n to entendendo…. o estilo dos dois ultimos é com musica trance, musica

  27. BassMasters | Sayron ;D ♥ says:

    Só TEZUDO! ^^ BassMasters. Sayron

  28. Jeivison Silva says:

    morri- eras só picudo XDD a musica do Sam morri de rir aki, poxa trollaram
    ele XDD Very Like – Jkyller

  29. Mercury Shuffle says:

    music is distracting

  30. Wadson Rodrigues says:

    nice ;D mekz

  31. Silent Code says:

    esse ultimo se deu mal kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk to
    com medo de postar o meu