Aggressors Shuffle Compilation

Dancers: -Enryoki -Natsu -Spark1 -No1se -KhaN -Bart -Joe -Dos -Key -Flash -Kokain -San4ezZz -Sly -Slimdark -Steck -Teazy -Traktor -Exest -Warner.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

READ* This shufflers got skill!! (not only me) so i made a compilation and ive been bored. Shoot the LIKE button 🙂 Shufflers: 1.Boky(me) - http://www.youtu...

38 Responses to “Aggressors Shuffle Compilation”

  1. Need Songlist 🙂

  2. aulia idris says:

    traktor is the best! and the others really sick too 😀

  3. SaintStomperzCr3w says:

    @ToumaRenshi AGS wents to history brother Check this channel -Enryoki

  4. Espada0070 says:

    круто чётко:D слушай а что за трек на второй минуте?

  5. Максим Полиектов says:

    Мне Понравилось!!!

  6. pureownagex10 says:

    whats the song at 00:40 ?!?!?!

  7. BH sojdzezz says:

    where is me? am I not in aggressors now? 🙁

  8. Daniel Greenleaf says:

    Woot! 😀 This compilation is so amazing, can’t believe im now apart of such
    an amazing family 😀 AGS|Dannaayyy

  9. @Karpeev73 =)))))

  10. оч классная компила за последние полгода наверно лучшая из тех что видел!
    давно так сочно не было 5 минут подряд!

  11. Den Kalayda says:


  12. Shuffler RincoN says:

    скажите плз название музона под которую key дэнсит

  13. эдит кнечно ваще

  14. Bertin Martinez says:

    Como se llama la primera canción

  15. TheKenpachi1 says:

    jboi sacco ultimate team

  16. MrTecktonikboky says:

    @sticmen343 lolz ^^ np man 🙂

  17. dadoofusbeats says:

    @MrTecktonikboky okk cool just send me a message if you decide too thanks

  18. TyphoonShuffle says:

    I heard Boky was sexi 😉 LOL thanks for including me man!

  19. novashuffler says:

    When is the next one?

  20. AdmiralKaminaTheLastTaco says:

    JBoi and Traktor were my favorites. Fuckin’ beast.

  21. MrTecktonikboky says:

    @lance85898589 i dunno, porbablly i wont be making another one :S

  22. paddyf0rre5t says:

    Jboi breno and traktor are.class

  23. HDATraktor says:

    Very good shuffle Boky, keep it up) thx for adding)

  24. Vintage Street says:

    Holy shit nice 🙂 thanks for putting me in 😉 Controlled | BoltBoy

  25. Josiah .Beilharz says:

    thanks a heap for putting me in man i appreciate it 🙂 Josiah.

  26. MrTecktonikboky says:

    Songlist Released!!! Enjoy 🙂 and tahnx for 500 and more views

  27. xIHSxBronson says:

    @ChaseRides Hes the best xD He was a Crew Label so I’m guessing hes
    competitive xD

  28. dadoofusbeats says:

    @MrTecktonikboky hey can i be in ur next comp plzzz


  30. BoringUsernameGuy says:

    How does jboi slide that fast??:O

  31. ZTUKAAKUTZ says:

    Please search in Youtube videos for “Golden Hardstyle Bass” or “Harder
    Hearts Generation” or “H2G” (Actually is only a crew with many names from
    Cordoba, Argentina.)

  32. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    Real shufflers watch it in 240p!

  33. dadoofusbeats says:

    i like how jboi moves but he always uses a wide area looking view on his
    camera or editing stuff to make him look like he moves farther but i like

  34. MrTecktonikboky says:

    @josiak12 np bro 🙂

  35. BRYCE1q2w3e4r5t6y says:


  36. where am i? xD but anyways awesome songs+dancers like+cmt! bro <3 ;D greeTz
    JuLeZz [GER]

  37. BosZcLoUd9 says:

    jboi-tell us your secret how are sliding so fast!!??

  38. MrTecktonikboky says:

    @Giotheshuffler np bro 😉