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The Class of 2015 perform the PV Shuffle to Big Sean Dance at the 2011 Freshman Challenge in the Baby Dome. @JOMaloneStudios @MrJOMalone


  1. wtfail123 says:

    Dubsteping fur life

  2. CaliBoysac916 says:

    That’s turf and tut not Krump


  4. HardcoreSlyh says:

    nice montage altought you could’ve added more dancers…ive seen better shufflers like jboi, hardjumpers and more talented dubstep dancers, dnb sucked but nice video 🙂

  5. Elliot Fais says:

    Argh the video you put for hip hop is jookin not hip hop , and as for the krumping part -__-..

  6. Tracklist plz

  7. kayaker360180kr says:

    Yea Marquese Scott! NONSTOP

  8. nouveau clip DUBSTEP-HIP HOP de LYRICK SWAN “détend toi” a écouter sur youtube

  9. Thiago Zatruz says:

    FreeStep é uma bosta!, só sabe roubar os passos de outros estilos de dança, sem criatividade pra criar seus próprios passos, porisso é uma boa BOSTA!

  10. funnyyoass says:

    cwalk kills the rest

  11. TL4Motion says:


  12. tomykas29 says:

    T1M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333333333333

  13. Ed Real & The Coalition – 20,000 Hardcore Members (Kidd Kaos Remix) — shuffle part

  14. Infamousszz says:

    That shuffle was the shittest thing I’ve ever seen.

  15. Reco Craig says:

    u fucked up on da krumpin part

  16. lynnstorm1 says:

    can someone please tell me the song name for the Hip Hop part?!?!?

  17. Kosta Saddington says:

    song name for shuffle part?!?!?

  18. Hardstyler981 says:

    You forgot B-boying

  19. flirty sasha says:

    hey pls if any one have best dances or song or web site than pls send me at shabbirchaki@yahoo.in pls pls pls

  20. AmyHardDance says:

    lol.. that not krump… it turfing..
    but it true, in turfing have krump, tutting and flexing/ bone breaking..

  21. Leonardo Alves says:

    free step always best 🙂

  22. WesleyNigelorFlygel says:

    I think ur a hip hopper becuz the hip hop section was the longest but ok. My opinion:
    Dubstep = Very Good
    Hip Hop = to long but good
    C-Walk = Perfect
    Krump = That wasn’t krump
    Shuffle = Nice and Good
    Jumpstyle = Not very good, I saw allot better than him.
    Freestep = Perfect
    But it was cool to watch new stuff like in the end 😉

  23. CrazyCree2511 says:

    can anyone tell me whats the two original turfing videos called?

  24. Valmer Ramazani says:

    Hip HOP ??? les twinss>>> soryy?jkdjadajdfwsf

  25. Danceman12345678910 says:

    Do you have any idea what krumping is? That video you chose is disgraceful smh

  26. 44 all day!

  27. lexiibear95 says:

    im so ready for college now ! i love the dance, the crowd, just everything !

  28. blahh1500 says:

    Its Called PV College

  29. felixcruzo says:

    Ay yo that white girl from buildin 44 KILLED IT THO!!!

  30. Maresa Mitchell says:

    Prairie View A&M is THAT school

  31. aries amerson says:

    lol me too.! But im only in 7th, Anyone know what school this is?

  32. breezy slave says:

    Love this video – that white gurl killed it hahaha

  33. great video…to be honest i was waiting for 2:24……

  34. kelce king says:

    yall the beast

  35. Xcalibur4523 says:

    I would hope so cuz she got everybody hyped up! she was killing it!

  36. sabree0715 says:

    Whats’s the dance at 0:43 when they kick behind them?

  37. candypopgirl102 says:

    What Was This Event About? Lol Curious

  38. dayboyy24 says:

    this makes me want to go to this school and im white lol

  39. schnawzer180 says:

    I knew the white girl would be in the video

  40. jerrodmims says:

    for the record, this was the second best shuffle next to the one from 2013 BOYYYYY I LOOK GOOD

  41. JOMaloneStudios says:

    Appreciate the love! Please take time out to subscribe to the page and check out some of the other projects I’ve worked on. – J.O. Malone

  42. lilmizzswaggarchica says:

    this video goes hard! much respect to whomever created it!

  43. Ddot Clark says:

    They did she was in the last installment

  44. Keona Payne says:

    omg my dream is to go here ! but i cant cuz i my family can’t afford it. but im only going to 10th grade. THERE’S STILL HOPE 🙂
    great video !

  45. heavenrOx2010 says:

    The white girl from building 44 and the light skinned dude from building 43 was the best out of all of them !

  46. Bo O'Bryan says:

    That white girl… she owns that entire thing. Much respect.

  47. TheWiggl3z says:


  48. white girl killed that!