Well Theese Are My Styles... i dont know when will be the next vid i have no time now.
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23 Responses to “BoLT Shuffle Compilation”

  1. DJ SHuFFleR says:

    First song name plZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!

  2. DJ SHuFFleR says:

    🙂 very cool dancing.

  3. Himeko Xang says:

    epic 🙂 

  4. BoLT Shuffler says:


  5. theHDTVstudios says:

    Wow very nice ! what do you use to edit your videos ? im guesing sony vegas ?

  6. KranK Shuffler says:

    So fucking bad ass *_*

  7. 555jandro says:

    Woooow men
    Very nice

  8. Jong Won Lee says:

    Nice Edit & Shuffle. Liked!! 😀

  9. Theco Shuffle says:

    I love you bolt ♥


  10. Sortietheshuffler says:

    Awwww nooooo dude….no time for shuffle anymore????? Gonna miss you bro…you’re one of the best of the new generation of shufflers….love your AUS style the best! Come back to us someday!!!!!!! 🙂

  11. Oʟɪ Joɴcɑs - Deejɑɴos says:

    Aw Yeah Din! Fuken niice my friend <`3 :Deejanos

  12. TheManga444 says:

    Awesome video bro!

  13. T3ARsProductions says:

    Nice compilation bro! 😀 cool as always :’)

    || “Tear

  14. Taver Shuffler says:

    Sweet compilation, BoLT !!

  15. Yuuhshuffle31 says:


  16. Brendanshuffle96 says:

    Amazing 3

  17. Brendanshuffle96 says:

    Amazing :3 I enjoyed watching this 3

  18. ZippiShufflez says:

    Awesome :D

  19. שי מגל says:

    תותח אתה אחי חולה על הסטייל שלך ומת לפגוש אותך

  20. Radickshuffle says:

    this is so amazing bro *-*
    Nice compilation
    You’re a great shuffler , one of my inspirations

  21. woow awesome bro 😀 SOOM | Vicky

  22. BrOuX shuffler says:

    Amazing as always bro !!
    keep calm and love bolt thums up if you agree 😀

  23. Kyle Shuffler says:

    1st xD