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20 Responses to “Bulldog Shuffle Compilation 2011 Australia Bulldog Never Die YouTube 2”

  1. liliasgranados says:

    Consider this ur TOP comment bro, amazing video by bulldog!

  2. TyronsBox says:

    favorited !! Fts | VEXED

  3. catrachito4rmminas says:

    the original melbourne smacks

  4. Roberto Portela says:


  5. Airon Anderson says:

    10 minutos mano??? apelou ein rsrs

  6. Caio Vinicius says:

    nice edit ! ta evoluindo. continue assim !

  7. Filipi Andrade says:

    boa comp man, tu melhorou mt 😀 gostei da edit e das musicas 😀 LIKED
    WMS&BH | Filiipi | MR is a B.O.S.S

  8. lucasvideomaker says:


  9. Billy Martin says:

    Now this is actual MAS, not cali

  10. neoncrackwacks says:

    You’re good. ^_^

  11. SWORDMANSTR says:

    @bdrizzy100 naaah first one at 0:56 to me, sick-ass bass :p

  12. Alisson Peter says:

    nice comp man 5/5*+ fav FF/Tekai

  13. DaviSantanaPresents1 says:

    TA FODA VIU !!!

  14. hardstylebeanie1 says:

    some of these songs are hardstyle, nd i kno cuz im hardstyle shuffler

  15. nathaaaanz says:

    Ae man fico nice ! Gostei mesmo xD positive Kaos

  16. Proprio Peixe says:

    Q porra de slide mal feito 1:34 reparem rsrs ….. Dança bem mlk continue
    assim Hw|TIOB Voodo sz’

  17. Nice Comp man 😀 Liked H.E.R.O – Weel

  18. bdrizzy100 says:

    2:10 Is the Best Song. 😀

  19. Isabele Souza says:

    nice (: NsC l TIHP – Isaah

  20. AI man treina Esse teu estilo de 6:40 Achei otimo o RM e voce parou de
    jogar tanto o corpo 😀 Parabens 😀 ta evoluindo (y) BR | Kyko