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21 Responses to “Bulldog Shuffle Compilation (Fvck Yeah)”

  1. Evan Tarvis says:

    Bulldog is my idol. Not just as a shuffler but as a person. He has changed how I think about thing from bullying to the music industry with his vlogs. and I learned so much about shuffling just by watching him and my style is greatly influenced by him. He is such an inspiration. <3

  2. Luke Hughes says:

    I have known him for years in person, he just uses a slow frame rate, and edit. He is still insane in person

  3. TheRealButtcheddaa says:

    He does speed up some clips. Some of the bystanders walk “abnormally” fast like 15-20% faster than in real life. I never said anything negative about his skill… he’s still pretty damn good. He stretches his vids too yknow. Makes Rms look way wider than real life. He is still one of the shufflers I first respected (and still). Once you have been shuffling for over a year (I have been doing it for 1.5 yrs) you start to see things in videos that you first never thought about.

  4. DestroyerShuffler says:

    Sorry to tell you bud… But he doesn’t speed his vids up.

  5. TheRealButtcheddaa says:

    He speeds up his vids a bit. But he still kicks ass in regular speed regardless…

  6. malik budih says:


  7. tyladrago says:

    kick it kick it kick it kick it kick it fuck it this is real hardcore!!

  8. Kyle Shuffler says:

    Holy fuck i thought Nova was good but damn your at like a whole other level, My new fave shuffler for sure.

  9. HDXChripSy says:

    For Some Reason It looks like he Speeds Up the video … Lol dont hate.

  10. ovin wibawa says:

    awesome :)

  11. xMINNYVINNYx says:

    It still amazes me how he can do those crazy fast spins and transition like its nothing. He’s a fuckin beast

  12. LucianShuffler896 says:


  13. cakraization says:

    he is the reincarnation of sacco mikki..
    and he is my inspiration… <3

    greets from indonesian hardstyler..


  14. ScorchedbyShadows says:

    @ A True Hardstyle it took me a minute but i have to say nice job mixing the last 2 songs together XD (at least thats what i think you did)

  15. ScorchedbyShadows says:

    Bulldog’s a f*******ing beast!!! great job props to you dude awesome XD

  16. btshuffle says:

    after long time someone did a great job!!! 

  17. aTrueHardstyle says:

    descrip, bro

  18. bulldog is awesome 🙂
    song list ???

  19. mantep nih 😀

  20. aTrueHardstyle says:

    Yeah,I m glad you appreciate it <3

  21. ccshufflers says:

    cheers man. awesome :)