Hi! I was really bored and decided to make a short compilation. It's time for califorian shuffle style. Tako, Kriptoh and Ice are the best for me so I put th...

24 Responses to “CALI SHUFFLE COMPILATION – Ice / Tako / Kriptoh”

  1. Rogher Altair Dragovich Auditore says:

    2:20 song?

  2. David Mosse says:

    i know right

  3. i’m AUS style but this guys is so great… like (y)

    BD | Hazk

  4. I wish I could shuffle this well

  5. possessedpalm says:

    is this edit done with AE?

  6. Christopher Abraham says:

    LOL. xD

  7. PapiCougar says:

    loving this!

  8. ThyNameIsJuan says:

    How did you do the text like that?

  9. karen(Ghiru) Δ Oficcial says:

    ENAMORAN!!! <3
    *0* .... ay me encanta este video!! :')
    saludos!! *0*/ los amo hahah xD

  10. Batji Lilla says:

    I like melb shuffle more, cali is noob shuffle

  11. Nicholas Shaw says:

    its like jumpstyle but for weak pusses who cant get off their feet.

  12. Fluxshuffler says:

    i shuffle to hardstyle but i still think this is impressive

  13. AiaSnTropeaS says:

    these guys are good! but i dont like the dance 🙁 they only do the walking man and some steps but its not really nice:S show us some real shufling!

  14. Edwin Serratos says:

    You guys are really dope as fuck C: keep up it up

  15. TheSuperdavid246 says:

    ok then ill stick to melbourne

  16. It is a very hard style to pull off correctly, all the cali swaggots that can’t even get the RM right that you see on youtube are pretty much the same than all the offbeat AUS shufflers that don’t even t-step

  17. TheSuperdavid246 says:

    no because they cali shuffling

  18. lol why? because they’re not wearing phats?

  19. wilda12360 says:

    sick, amazing <3

  20. TheSuperdavid246 says:

    no everyony in the video

  21. Piotr 'Neville' Wójcik says:

    thanks (:

  22. Piotr 'Neville' Wójcik says:

    who? you?

  23. 1st song “No Man’s land”KlaussGoulart
    2nd “secret andrew bayer [intro edit]” Oceanlab
    3rd “Deep at Night [adam K and Soha Remix]” Ercola Heikki

  24. TheSuperdavid246 says: