Needs To Be Watch In HD For Full Effects :3 I Still Need More improvement In My Editing Skills. -Tako -Tesuo -Nessa -MackGee -Passion -Kriptoh -Shakes -Bobby...

24 Responses to “California Shuffle Compilation 2012 (Hard Dance Music)”

  1. Mercury Shuffle says:

    have to admit.. west coast is better than east.. and I live in the east.

  2. Makina and Hardcore Music will never Die

  3. HardDancer ReO says:


  4. o andeeduzzit o says:

    Yo clowner youre pretty bitchin where your vids at?

  5. o andeeduzzit o says:

    Gottie the hottie

  6. Dominant Methods says:

    Summer compilation 2013 ?

  7. besides that mac g kills- skoopzBAg VF

  8. zeal is missing on here:0

  9. Fabio Cortes says:

    through out the shuffling family branch, california shuffle is the hated child(or cousin)

  10. Stoneboner says:

    Ive seen better shuffles at the Taxi rank on Chapel st.

  11. Hsw//Menix says:

    the first song is wrong
    Josh Lang – Trinity

  12. Erinne Baldovino says:

    I agree!

  13. Sarah Pleininger says:

    Can anyone see the cat at 02:00?^^

    LoL XD

  14. jimscalade says:

    Did your foot fall asleep? or is that you trying to shuffle?

  15. WhatAreYouSir says:

    some of em looks like malaysia shuffle

  16. WeeksShuffler says:

    SongList && Thank You For All ^.^
    Josh Lang – The Rush (Original Mix)
    Bob Sinclair – Feel For You (Kidd Kaos Remix)
    Yakooza- i wana feel (scot project remix)
    Noisecontrollers – So High
    Noisecontrollers – Gimme Love

  17. Check this video guys and if you like it please
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  18. Check this video guys and if you like it please
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  19. Mitko Mitkov says:

    02:30 supergirl GO GO GO !! :]

  20. MrEnigma Films says:

    Sorry….But the idea of shuffling to a hard dance track, such as ANY Josh Lang songs. You need to hit every single beat for it to work. (First guy missed HEAPS of beats) Shuffles are meant to be hard as fuck to this genre of music, don’t do the skipping or jumping around, because in the end, the song just rapes you.

  21. MrEnigma Films says:

    awkward…First song is ‘Josh Lang – Trinity’ not ‘The Rush’

  22. bad ass!! jaja love itt….im nessas number 1 fannn…

  23. Jane Marsh says:

    I’m not even sure what you’re trying to say right here. Maybe try again in English?

  24. Paulimus5000 says:

    noone seems to shuffle as good as us melbourne folk XD this looks more like shuffling on turrets or stomping…. mad song collection XD