Los Dejo Con Una Mini Compilacion Hecha Por Mi C: , Espero Que La Disfruten ^^ Saludos CloT^^ Track List: 1.- D-Block & Stefan Ft. Mc Villian - The Magic Mys...

6 Responses to “CloT – Mini Shuffle Compilation”

  1. Claudiox09 says:

    no, I concocted an aunt’s, I went free ;3 , Greetings ^^

  2. dude this is pretty dope! and phats r awesome! did u get those from

  3. Claudiox09 says:

    One year and three month , that information is in my channel C:

  4. JuakoHsw Agd says:

    Exelente Video! Grande CloT! AGD | Juako!

  5. WICB Shuffler says:

    Qlo seco, encontre a mi influencia <3 xd! ajksdashdad

  6. MrMelleBoy says:

    how long have you’ve been shuffling? 😮