D-Reva | One Year Anniversary Shuffle Compilation!

I can't even believe it myself, but its been one year since i took up shuffling, and dancing in general, as a hobby! I didn't think I'd ever make it as far a...

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  1. Elijah Finamore says:

    Now thats the shit, Elkious here. :)ο»Ώ

  2. My waist size is 32 πŸ˜› lol everything else we can figure out. lol its cool
    though, i saw your new pants in the video- pretty cool πŸ˜€ lol thanks, i
    just added the buttons and my new theme is a dinosaur i’m DORKasaur >:D

  3. It’s good to hear that you’re doing so well! He can? Right now we’re just
    sewing down the essentials (the logo thing crappily made by cutting parts
    of shapes out of 1inch wide tape XD), but if it becomes too much to handle
    with the fabric glue then you could probably slowly sew on everything, then
    you wouldn’t have a thing to worry about. I think I’ll get the button
    redone and the waist readjusted too, if you’d give me you dang waist size
    like I’ve asked! >:T Nice hat btw.

  4. yeah of course! IT’s been good man! πŸ˜€ Its fine i understand, i dont mind
    if you just send them, my uncle- the manliest man i know, could sew like a
    boss lol its good though, sure that would help- i would wear them like a
    trophy >:D i’m doing good and i’m actually doing way better than before,
    and i have new tattoos lol so everything is great lol

  5. Dood! How you been? Sorry that the pants are taking so long, I haven’t
    taken the initiative to learn how to sew yet and my mother likes to work on
    her own things most of the time. :/ hopefully they’ll work for you, they’re
    kind of stiff for some reason so im hoping that the glue wont mess them up.
    I’ll send you a bottle just in case. Thanks, its definitely taken a lot of
    work to come this far πŸ˜› I’m sure you look great dancing!

  6. Yeah, I think the biggest issue was that bulldog stretched his videos so,
    while it looked like he was traveling really far, it wasn’t all that far at
    all. :/ and then everyone tried to copy it and now it’s turned into this
    style that has less originality because you’re focusing on your traveling.
    No problem man! You’re styles really great, it suits you. I’m trying to
    build a separate rocker style for myself so I can switch between the two
    depending on how i feel. Thanks, i’ll pm you sometime!

  7. NICE JOB BRO! πŸ˜€ Still can’t wait for the pants- but your so much more
    awesome than me ;-; so cool lol keep it up! πŸ˜€

  8. Exile Michael says:

    ya you don’t do that typical bulldog copying aus style everyone fails at
    doing. ya, i just reached it not that its October :P. and thank you :). i
    use to do aus like yourself when i first started. then like at 8 months i
    drifted away from it. If you ever need any help or advice let me know. im
    always open on inbox. you’ve got yourself a new sub :P. keep up the

  9. Yeah, it definitely is considering the only look that most AUS shufflers
    like these days is GIGANTIC ranges of side to side gliding, wide RMs, and
    very kick and spin heavy. Stuff like Francis’s and the old 08 shufflers is
    what I’m trying to go for, where your glide isn’t insanely wide and you
    have a little bit more room for variation. Haha the last clip was actually
    me trying out francis’s ‘go anywhere’ type of movement. You’re insanely
    good though, approaching 2 years yeah? Congrats!

  10. Exile Michael says:

    That’s good! always try to improve. its harder with aus to get something
    really unique. i really do like your arm movements though. you don’t just
    throw them around like if you’re catching stars. they kind of remind me of
    Francis arms. they are solid and go well with your legs. you are much
    better than i was in 1 years worth of work.

  11. Thanks Skilo! πŸ˜€

  12. Thanks, I personally think I need a little work before I can consider my
    dancing my own unique style, but I’ll get there eventually with your and
    other peoples support!

  13. Exile Michael says:

    hey man that was awesome! great timeline. love the improvement and you have
    a kick ass style. defiantly underated. keep it up πŸ˜€

  14. kulilimshuffle says:

    ‘s fun toο»Ώ watch your progress, very good! *o* like <3 BP-Skilo

  15. Thanks man!

  16. Eeveejumpstylewolf23 says:

    Awesome shuffle man! Love the progression and footwork!