hello everyone ^^ this my new video in January 2k14 my name is Muhammad Mardany my a.k.a is Dhany I'm from Tanjungpinang, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia ^_^ yeah oldschool and hardstyle shuffle.
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Deep Space ~ Melbourne Shuffle [UHS]

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27 Responses to “Dhany | I Need Your Love [Melbourne Shuffle]”

  1. alfinda music says:

    haha 1 step nya oke bang 🙂 

  2. Dinda permata says:

    ihh keren loh

  3. Antoine Diezel says:


  4. HyperF0rce AUS-shuffler says:

    wow nice….

  5. henny bee says:

    lagu pembukanya apa judule 

  6. Dwieke Yanuar Hohog says:

    0:34 – 1:04 kereeeeen XD

  7. Dimaz Pratama ProvoLizone says:

    baru pertama kali liat bang dhany 1 step 😀
    btw nice video bang :D

  8. ken arok says:

    Nice broo liked 🙂 

  9. This is awesome bro 😉
    Except that due to your running man, your shufe looks unclean, as your
    running man isn’t 2 distincts steps, it’s harder for you to make the

  10. Mynameis Aan says:

    Powerfull 😮

  11. Bruno mateus says:

    Very good bro

  12. McSquid says:

    Sick, very unique and fun to watch style. Your RM isn’t very clean, as
    T0ny said, though (in fact, makes me think of malay drift when I watch
    you), but I really like the variety in your dancing.

  13. Jesus Fernandez says:

    That Was Awesome, Though Try On Practicing On Your RM You’ll Be Able To
    Smooth Out And Transition Better…Still Cool

  14. Hanow Vc says:

    Ala shet !
    OMG ^^ Awesome style bro
    Name song please?

    – Hanow 

  15. BMyuuh says:

    very good video man *-

  16. Bruno mateus says:

    Very good bro

  17. Riian anjasmara says:

    Likee this bang :D

  18. levon horton says:

    Thts not Melbourne shuffling bro thts new school shuffling you inow the one
    gay ass lmfao made not Australia

  19. UnitedHardstylerz says:

    @lmaoshaun <3333333333333333333333

  20. Nitram Shuffler says:

    Amazingg!!! >.< FAVS & LIKE!! AND SHARED!! Nitram | HASC

  21. Trinket says:

    Space Laces <3

  22. Trinket says:

    Shuffling to Electro, innovative 😀

  23. Uphorikproductionz says:

    I Luv yur editing

  24. OMGitsBert56 says:

    Very creative as always, enjoy watching your vids ahahaha keep em coming
    and January is coming soon =DDDDDDDDDDD

  25. FunkyMonkeyMachine says:

    Man…. That was intense!!!

  26. lmaoshaun says:

    Yeaaaah booyyyyyyyyyy

  27. I LUV DIS. *-* <3 <3 <3