24 Responses to “Duo Shuffle Compilation”

  1. KrankeKartoffel98 says:

    how old is moonboy ?!

  2. Dandre Jones says:

    Reverse Shuffle + Epic

  3. Dandi Arya says:

    Nice it ..

  4. BlackHawk95955 says:

    Overload – Amber Savage

  5. 1ANYGAMEProduction says:

    wats the song on 1:08

  6. xXYannicGamerXx says:

    i like your other vids they are very nice i like them soo!

  7. adam turner says:

    what song did you use for moonboy and his bro

  8. Steven Bryere says:

    c es trop bien this good

  9. Anthony Campoverde says:

    Floorkilla cant remeber artist

  10. Video begins @ 1:08

  11. dylan mcbride says:

    i wonder if any of use know that te boy+girl duo is actually the video to scooter- ja’ adore or something like that XD just thought id let use know..

  12. ladyshuffles07 says:

    nice to know that you only like girl shufflers cuz they bounce :/

  13. hahaha, i know

  14. Telepatheticfull says:

    My style is your style and your style is mine
    Weird name huh?

  15. contadogiu says:

    2:22 ….

  16. what its the name of the first song?

  17. thefudgestix says:

    I agree, most females have softer movements, making the shuffle look softer. In hardstyle that doesn’t look as good =p.

  18. OMG KIDS

  19. Denis Koren says:

    how can i be beter.?? please tell me..-.- ty

  20. Young Dizzy says:

    a what the song from 0:11 to 1:07

  21. Levy Garcia says:

    Reverse Shuffling, ftw?

  22. Carlos Zurcher says:

    Moonboy and abangben <3 best duo out.

  23. miodrag perovic says:

    sick man love it….

  24. OTHardstyleTO says:

    Hey guys i found a AWESOME DUO, kinda unknown .

    starts at 0:55