Song List: Sol Ray & Dark by Design- Paradise Speedwave- Zhangar Techno Trance - Wake Up Speedwave- Mescal The KGB's- Channel KGBs (TNT Remix) Showtek - Don't Get back Ruthless - Tik Tak Shufflers: Becca Mealiac Jolene Fantute Shaax Staxx Marion Bia sns sushi Tiff Slim bia Kit Lisa Nikki Enzo Bianqa MzJaydee MzHardstyle Braske Kerli

25 Responses to “Fk Yeah!! Girls Can Shuffle 2010!!”

  1. sniperone505 says:

    whos the chick at 2:50

  2. grrarmada says:

    Heheeehehehe no they ^^^^ cant

  3. So Quiet i almost hear the sound ;/

  4. 4:15 Those titties are bra-less , i like !

  5. Momo GreyHD says:

    AS you can see, The shuffle movement has reach a pandemic state ^___^

  6. TheXBassmanx says:

    Jolene =)

  7. whish is the girl at 2.16?

  8. mark hazard says:

    i wish my girl shuffled like that

  9. Matthew Wells says:

    dayum haha good as girls xD

  10. ViciousShakes says:

    great compilation. lovely editing. :D cheers!!!

  11. ccshufflers says:

    all Pro 🙂

  12. Braske Braskyte says:

    nice ;]

  13. Braske Braskyte says:

    nice ;]

  14. Karolina Jakstaite says:

    ooh, that’s awesome ;o LIKE, +fav, subscribed ;p

  15. TrebelRebel says:

    fuckin awesome mate! these chicks are hella good >.< I would love to shuffle with some ^.^

  16. justgirl16 says:

    thanks for adding me, Kerli & Braske :):)
    Owesome video ;}}

  17. javier cerda ortiz says:

    woooo !!!!! Nice nice nice nice !!!!! min. 3.40 marion ! chilean shuffler !
    Oh yeah ! aaajjaajaja

  18. spinningsushi says:

    wooo, thanks for putting me in 😀
    this is a really good compilation too o-O


  19. wow it gets even more interesting starting from 3mins…

  20. Renato Himura says:

    nice and so pro *–*

    like+ fav

    Himura | KF Infekted

  21. KFTeamVIDs says:

    Awsome styles

  22. ADAMSKA001 says:

    WOW!!! 5/5 Nice compilation
    Thanks for putting me in ;D

  23. awww thank youuuu 🙂

  24. freakswitheyez says:

    haha thanks for putting me in 🙂

  25. 4dank2mano says:

    best girl compilation 1#…