This is my first melbourne shuffle compilation ever in collaboration with Hackii, I want to thank him for taking time to make this video. Will make a list fo...
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The New Zealand Shuffle Compilation 2k13

SUBSCRIBE!! Watch in HD it looks better. NZ SHUFFLE COMP 2013 Tracklist in the video I used SVP 11 to edit. had to Re-Edit 3 times because SVP had codec erro...
Video Rating: 5 / 5

35 Responses to “Forever Hardest – A Melbourne Shuffle Compilation”

  1. hahahah.. XD

  2. lance85898589 says:

    Hop to be in one in the future

  3. TKE Meeko says:

    That’s me and that hoodie is not the most flattering thing I own rofl

  4. Fizz Leon says:

    the chub kid at 1:46 is shufflin like a boss…

  5. Vicente Ruisanchez says:


  6. 8imXbored8 says:


  7. Zerogravity says:

    Look in description ^^

  8. YuRowa Sergi says:

    min 0:57 song please? D:

  9. Yuuhshuffle31 says:

    few shuffles real good :
    exellent song list

  10. kadinho140795 says:

    Awesome compilation bro !
    The best tracks and shufflers *-*

    – Vírus

  11. Zerogravity says:

    Hier ein deutscher 🙂 😀

  12. ForeverHardest says:

    Second shuffle compilation in going on right now. Join my facebook page for details!!!

  13. Jakub Reece Hertel says:

    Thank ya mate!

  14. hardstylemalta says:

    you’re just amazing.

  15. Jakub Reece Hertel says:


  16. coolyojoshl says:

    HR  Reece

  17. hardstylemalta says:

    who’s the shuffler at 0:39 ?

  18. Veight Woofer says:

    Da bist du nicht der einzige. Bei mir auch xD
    Deutschland ist hipster infiziert :S
    Die müssen weggeshufflet werden ;D

  19. ja in deutschland gibt es eh sicher noch mehr shuffler als in österreich ^^
    da wo ich wohne gibts nur solche hipsters -.-” so zum kotzen!

  20. Veight Woofer says:

    Ach du bist schweizer. Schade, warum gibt es nicht so viele shuffler in deutschland 🙁

  21. awesome!!

  22. D-Block & S-Te-Fan – Rebel (Sully’s Hard Trance For Life Remix)

  23. FrauRuebe says:

    nice style bro ^~^

  24. joshjones976 says:

    Bangin beats

  25. Taane Ngakete says:

    this noob editing…

  26. MISTYstyleNZ says:

    Shot bro 🙂 nice comp

  27. RhinosAreFatUnicorns says:

    kyle’s channel/user/MISTYstyleNZ/

  28. RhinosAreFatUnicorns says:

    chonged kunt

  29. Archer DnB says:

    Is that actually Kyle because it looks like Jesse? haha i can’t tell :L
    Nice compilation bro!

  30. Nice bro :D

  31. sharkyonaleash . says:

    nice comp man ;)

  32. braderkis says:

    Thanks for putting me in the compilation 🙂

  33. 우근 김 says:


  34. Taane Ngakete says:

    no worries 🙂

  35. RhinosAreFatUnicorns says:

    shot for chucking me in bro <3