Scorch - Presents Gangnam HardStyle Sean - Daylight - Dusk - https://...


  1. 효근 송 says:

    kkkkkkkk i proud psy kkkkk강남스타일

  2. Pff retard

  3. YuLlp Minecraft Let's Plays und Mehr :) says:

    3:25 Background-Dancer :O?

  4. Jed Wright says:


  5. Jed Wright says:

    Sean/TriesToShuffle, do you own Phats?

  6. dougy douglas says:

    Pfft faggots

  7. NeoLancer//HardStyleResurrection says:

    For a moment i thought she is a ghost lol

  8. Ryan Doyle says:

    Thanks for sticking HDU in much appreciated great video HDU – Founder |

  9. OverNotPowered says:

    wtf? nitram que ases aki?? sorry 4 spam

  10. Nachen Castañares says:

    I had the same idea long ago! XD

  11. Jchen58692 says:

    4:20 new style?

  12. MrL33tnoob says:

    enjoyed watching it… on mute

  13. OverNotPowered says:

    no si eso ya se ve xD solo que como no te he welto a ver bailar… de todos
    modos da = LIFE BETTER AT 150 BPM

  14. JumperD4yLight says:

    This video is awesome *_* All gangnam freaks in one compilation respect and
    thanks for the add 🙂 peace ;*

  15. Greetings, im making a Christmas shuffle video anyone interested send me a
    clip of you and ill add it :))

  16. mmhanafi1230 says:

    Melbourne is the best country

  17. NitramDjOfficial says:

    Dando las gracias por utilizar un tema mio xD Eso es lo que hago aqui

  18. You should do another video, this was awesome

  19. Bigger boned ppl can now hardstyle…..

  20. Traktor,Nikki Kiss,Hollow,T1M all do RUS style even Hollow himself said RUS
    style is a style I should know cause Wakeyy has been taught stuff by him,
    and before you bitch about Traktors style he does it to except he changed
    it up to make it unique and his own style notice some of his arm movements
    and noticed how he changed it to make it more unique, as for Melbourne that
    isn’t true you have “cali” “mali” shuffle not everything is melbourne bro 🙂

  21. martinuxas4 says:

    Hey man thanks for puting me in! Aprreciate the work :PP Like and subscribe
    ofc 🙂 VF | Heltzy

  22. Sean was damn awesome to be honest!

  23. NitramDjOfficial says:

    Thanks guys for using my track! 😀 Nitram DJ Life Is Better At 150BPM

  24. Omg :O Me in da compilation ;o Nice LIked Faved XorTeZ

  25. Dude, dude, dude.. There isin’ such a “RUS” style there are only Melbourne
    Shuffle. Well atleast for me.