My shuffle compilation... Dedicated to all of you guys...

25 Responses to “Genesis’ shuffle compilation”

  1. Orochi Yoshi says:

    nice vid:D and hello everyone,i am a shuffler like so,my name is Yoshi:p and i would appreciate it if anybody can check my channel out and tell me if i am doin good on my shuffling:]please and thnx

  2. Orochi Yoshi says:

    omg i hav the same 2 checkered wristbands as him:D

  3. borinquenmamita says:

    Genesis is the kid doing the shuffling :] same guy in the whole video; he is doing the melbourne shuffle just he is known in the shuffling world for his style of shuffling;

  4. Isaiah Walker says:


  5. WolkeN Shuffler says:

    tae Vanz ba yang sapatos mo ung sa simula plang ?

  6. no difference yeah

  7. iam8BITLOVE says:

    I don’t see the difference between this and the Melbourne shuffle.. Is Genesis where you just stay in one spot?

  8. =D thx dude

  9. do u ever stop? more importantly, do u ever sleep?!!!! i’m asking ‘cuz i wanna b as us as u & wanna know what i gotta sacrifice *O*/

  10. ninutts888 says:

    Man ur hell good,how old were you wen u started <3 ya and ur really HOOOOOOOOOOTTT!!!!!! ;D

  11. Johnathan Ashlock says:

    Showtek – Brain Cracking (Lol.. Thought that would be easy..)

  12. Johnathan Ashlock says:

    Showtek - Raver (One of my favorites)

  13. juancarlos diaz says:

    were does genesis live? is awesome!

  14. first song please? =D

  15. keoni4444444449 says:

    am i the only one to be distracted by the outlet???

  16. Jozhua253 says:

    whats the second song?

  17. Virgil Traucer says:

    Yeah it was pretty unbelievable for me to lol

  18. adjkfhenc says:

    hmm shufflin at a laundry mat. o.0 akward….. just kidding i do that eerytime when no one is looking; 😛 5 stars

  19. its hardstyle shuffle but his own style
    im guess you know nothing of shuffling if you cant tell

  20. MrTodoanimes says:

    best shuffle yeah

  21. wow i hope ur doing pretty good just have fun with it

  22. LuLuRiveiro says:

    I´m your fan Genisis,
    just start to shuffle because of you

  23. thx bro but i don’t shuffle like that anymore just a lil tho and im not as fast as before

  24. dante spaniol says:

    btw, i hope you know that I’ve shown your “battle” video to all my friends and they all agree, you’re pretty boss.

  25. i don’t know a long time