Shufflers in order of view. Kit. Nessa. Melona. Keisha. Inky. Louise. Rainbow. Tweenie. Niki. Lulu. Niaa. Sandee. Song list 5'000 views.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Girl’s Shuffle Compilation”

  1. Faby Penny says:

    Damn teenie and melona are fucken beast yo c:

  2. George Harrinson says:

    Teenie and melona took them all out

  3. Kevin Rivera says:

    I am a pro shuffler….and I’m 10 🙂

  4. Alex Garza says:

    Inky* she fine too pretty good

  5. Alex Garza says:

    And only

  6. Alex Garza says:

    Melona damn she good and looks fine

  7. Komicar Ludi says:

    NAME OF THE SONG AT 4:22 !

  8. jesus solorio says:

    Teenie is da best

  9. feet hurt? :D

  10. ruvalcaba451 says:

    Nessa ♥

  11. XxCrystaallizedxX says:

    What’s the first song??

  12. lulu !

  13. jellyguy96 says:

    LuLu is the only one I like, she’s a beast!

  14. Niamh Tumilty says:

    I shuffle at clubs in high heels all of the time!
    Takes a lot of extra balance and control though!

  15. XxCrystaallizedxX says:

    1:01 – 5:12 – 2:10 super good shufflers

  16. XxCrystaallizedxX says:

    Please subscribe x

  17. XxCrystaallizedxX says:

    Nessa <3
    Niaa <3
    Keisha <3

  18. XxCrystaallizedxX says:

    Niaa is the best in this video your great !

  19. Rizki Azhari says:

    Melona, Keisha and Niia is some of my favorite in this video.

    Btw, just wondering. Is shuffling in High Heels possible?

  20. TheGreatDreaGee says:

    Inky can shuffle shes fuckn beast

  21. Inky can’t shuffle.

  22. emi amouna says:

    the name of the song at 4:22 please ?

  23. J. P. Lucio says:

    La melona tiene buenos melones

  24. BRYAN CRUSHERR says:

    Teenie gorgouse and beast

    ~Dk Crusherr