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25 Responses to “GMH 2011 | Inception x Shuffle Compilation”

  1. kleingeld6 says:

    Hey I really like your comp!!
    But can you tell me what´s the outro song ?

  2. Luis Gabriel says:

    Fanfuckentastic! 😀

  3. Ehs Fiend says:

    This video is fucken discusting I like! xD Hardstyle Nitro*

  4. laxus jibo says:

    @anirontinuviel Wider is better, creates more of the illusion.

  5. it took this long and it was a shitty comp LMFAO jkjkjk sick editing 🙂 and
    despiro looks like the old version of juicebox when he barely started lol
    you guys r bad ass 😀 keep it up 5/5 -Extinct

  6. miguelreye1 says:

    Wow!! … Siiick GMH !!^__^ GMH _ Infinite

  7. TyronsBox says:

    cheaaa seven and gizmooo sickk ass shufflingg!!! and im
    (F)eeling(T)his(S)ong :DDD Fts all day ^,^ lol – Fts VEXED

  8. joellokedout says:

    yall foos are beasty ass fuck!=D tht foo MAZZI is a monster from HELL<3=p
    haha joel-TWD

  9. KEVA Duecesiete says:

    the homie mercs gettin sick ;D

  10. DrHoundoom says:

    LOS ANGELES!, damn I stay in L.A but everyone around me is into that
    Electro CALI MALAY with the dirty dutch electro nonsense. It disgusts me.
    Hardstyle needs to return. although it feels like it was never here, that
    or i need to stop hanging around the block. LOL

  11. Clean bro! 😀 LIke. -Beebo wGs|CSF

  12. That bobble head thoo.. :3 Favorite parts – Infinite, Juice, Gravity.

  13. kittie9876 says:

    :O nice

  14. rudyf2387 says:

    damn that probably took forever to edit good shit jb i watched all of it 😀

  15. LeeTch Nk says:


  16. randomabilideze209 says:

    @anirontinuviel thanks man but these video clips were a bit old -_- but
    thanks GMH//SciioN

  17. @JuiceBox310 07′ hardstyle i live in CA <3

  18. Marcello King says:

    nice compilation 🙂 but where i am 😀 lol

  19. ThrashedOutGreaser says:

    a homie ii had in highschool was from GMH he had it tagged on his white
    backpack toy as fuck lol but that kat was kool though haha

  20. PIGLETSTER91 says:

    WHORE THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Clean -Mauwii[Mx[

  22. awesome vid. pro shufflers. + songs. greeTz JuLeZz [GER]


  24. you guys get down hit me up maybe we can make a compilation, not alot of
    people can do MAS. ill upload one of me doing MAS, props too you guys. –
    Taze/Ty CHD (California Hard Dance)

  25. haha good comp and gmh is so beast HAHA my clip is so bad though but i
    guess thats my fault sorry i dont have a working computer sorry man