Hard Trance Shuffle Compilation Part 3

Okay First off, Windows Movie Maker was missing key elements that would normally allow me to make video effects so i could not use any effects at all, i coul...
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25 Responses to “Hard Trance Shuffle Compilation Part 3”

  1. gamma123ful says:

    Whooooooooooooooooooooa there is a copy right in this video……dj
    fireflash made this song.

  2. youngflip0509 says:

    haha..xD thank youuu^^!!

  3. uhm search on youtube something like “Yes We Can Hard Trance Mix – Barack
    Obama LOL

  4. plzzz song that pae dances to plzzzzzzz

  5. Laerte Marçal says:

    niceee mate loved it, thanks for putting me in! nice shufflers there 5/5

  6. No prob dude also i love the song i put u with 😛

  7. ooooooo awesome!!! haha 10/1

  8. suprimegod says:

    hey whats the song at 1.15?

  9. Xavier Areizaga says:

    bull shit jaja looks as a hugh psyco—-parkinson

  10. Snowboarderrrrrrr says:

    really nice video! Do you also shuffle? If so, you should make a tutorial.

  11. me neither. I’ve been looking for a while, it’s sooooo good

  12. Andreezy Broski says:

    Über -[FOB] Andreezy

  13. Frank Spencer says:

    Andrew is the only shuffler using it in a real place where trance/dance
    takes place. all the rest are outdoors doing it to be on the interwebz…

  14. wath song 6;14 ???? please

  15. patschiSoloRocker says:

    lol yeahh my track i have send you the first hehe yeahh and btw nice
    compilation and my D2T bro from bazil is in the vid the first yeahhh love
    yaaaa pat

  16. d3athm1nda says:

    That opening song sounds dead similar to exploration of space

  17. DJ Centaury & Synthetic – Ipanema (Main Mix)

  18. AlanzimROX says:

    WOW. 1º – TOW ( tln1337) [BR] *-* 5/5 NICE COMPILATION, AGAIN 😉

  19. Bryan Choong says:

    awesome 🙂

  20. Obama sucks!!!!

  21. thx for bringin me in 😀 5* + fav. keep it up though 😉 greets jin.

  22. Wow thanks for putting me in I had no idea!! =D Great compilation dude and
    tracks as well! 5/5 + fav

  23. Izzy Guerrero says:

    Wish my dad danced like guy on 2:45 T_T

  24. wath 2 song name??? please 🙂

  25. UsaShufflerz says:

    First song is Pete Sheppibone – Yes We Can (bazzpitchers remix)