Download: Songlist: Bioweapon - Raw A-Wak - System Activated Boozed Panderz & the Scientist - Red Light District Noisecontrollers & Zany - Diavoli Frontliner Feat MC Villain - Who I Am

25 Responses to “Hardstyle Mix 49 (HQ)”

  1. Devin Sanchez says:


  2. ThePjack101 says:

    Wow, this guy is amazing at mixes

  3. 2:20

  4. no haha. he just mixes songs together.

  5. George James says:


  6. Darius Develvis says:

    this is YOUR techno!? wow!!! this is SUPERB!!!!!!

  7. TheHardstyleeee says:


  8. , Try using a youtube converter :), You can download his mixes just by copping and pasting them, into the converter thing :). -Hope i helped -J

  9. HerEcstacy says:

    What Picture is that

  10. ?? wa bedoel je daarmet? wrm luister je ht dan o.O
    dis beste muziek die er is :p

  11. tugboatcodonsiigch says:

    the best way to download this mp3 from youtube is to google mp3iffy.

  12. Best wel gay van je mattie geart

  13. Newmatmatix1 says:

    Dude, ur fucking amazing.

  14. This mix is wayyyy to beast.
    Liked + Fav + using a song in my next vid.
    Cred goes to you 🙂

  15. hardbeats100 says:

    xbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbox ftw love mulvenator tk 🙂 4evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙂 fuckin flawlesss

  16. legithardstyle says:


    Love u<3

  17. eragonbooklover725 says:

    amazing as usual, any idea where i can get the songs? i can’t find most of them on limewire. but god, some fucking amazing shit. hardstyle for life brotha!!


  19. Neophyte102 says:

    Lovin’ it

  20. Greaatttt as always :D

  21. I like a lot all your songs! keep going ;D!

  22. hardstyleraver22 says:

    Fucking Love it!
    Love all your mixes mate, nice one 😀

  23. BassJunkeyz says:

    Dit mix? Hahaha mafkees, leer eerst maar Nederlands. :p

  24. Ádám Marton says:

    Ah! ok, thanks for the info! 😉

  25. OwnedAgainToday says:

    you suck …